Monday, 26 May 2014

Short Story - Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter

Okay it is finally done and Published, my first original self published work:

Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter

Richard Martin has spent his life trying to be a good man. He works hard, pays his taxes, loves his wife and has never strayed or cheated.

However he also has a secret, a sweet tooth, and the bonds of marriage and family are as savoury as roast beef.

And now, for the first time in his life, he found himself being tempted. Young and beautiful, she was a seductive vision of temptation, forbidden and unattainable, but never was anything so sweet as the forbidden fruit...

This is the first volume in Darkinferno's sizzling new series Sweet Temptations. 

Words: 11,669

***This story contains descriptions of sexual content, for 18+ Adults only***

Sneak Peaks:

Richard Martin had always hated his firm’s Christmas parties. The d├ęcor reminded him of a cheap Hammer Horror set. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a funeral. And, worst of all, they were organised in August and hosted in early November.

Each year the bosses would present a laundry list of reasons for the premature celebration, but everyone knew those were merely a smoke screen, devised to mask the fact that it cost considerably less to hold a Christmas Party before December. Frankly, Richard wondered why they bothered even holding a party, or for that matter, making attendance mandatory.

Subtly pushing up his left sleeve’s cuff, Richard checked his watch for what felt like the hundredth time. To his utter disgust, the digital display indicated that it was just 22:03. The party would go on for at least another hour, maybe even two, god forbid!


Finding she wore no bra beneath the black lace, his hand moulded to her left breast; it filled his hand nicely and eager digits kneading the soft, supple flesh while his thumb and forefinger rolled the pebbled nipple. Thrilled by his touch, she arched her back, pressing her breast further into his palm, and moaned in utter wonder as he trailed his tongue along her collarbone, soothing the bite marks, her fingers tugging at his hair each time his thumb her playfully squeezed her pert bud.


Rebecca could only gasp, her big doe eyes shamelessly drinking in the sight of his masculinity before a hungry smile turned her lips. Feeling the heat of her gaze lingering upon him and seeing the look of wonder in her eyes, Richard couldn’t resist smirking before moving to join her on the black and crimson sheets. Relishing the sight of her spread out beneath him, his eyes fixed on the last obstacle and reaching out, he hooked his fingers over the hem of her panties and dragged the garment down her legs, leaving her completely exposed to his ravenous gaze. 


Yet his brain was fogged and his limbs wouldn’t move. He was standing on the bank of the Rubicon, should he cross its depths there would be no turning back and everything he loved would be at stake. If Alice were to learn of it, their marriage would be over, his son would grow up to despise him, friends and family would shun him like a stray dog. And yet, could he live with himself if he didn’t, knowing he’d come this far only to turn away, and always wondering what it would have been like otherwise?  

But then the decision was taken out of his hands. Flushed and panting, Rebecca’s eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him dreamily. “Come on, come on…don’t stop now. Ohhh god, I’m so hot. Please,  fuck me Mr Martin, I need you to fuck me…” 
                                                          How could he resist.



  1. From No Labels

    The author did a stellar job in his description of events as well as people. I could wholeheartedly relate to being at an office party where you aren’t that particular about the people you work with. He was also pretty detailed about physical characteristics (color of eyes, hair, skin, measurements) along with the type of clothes the characters wore. The pacing was consistent and there were no visible errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling (or any that would deter from the read). The conflict, particularly between Alice and Scarlet, was believable and timely.

    Despite that liveliness, there were a few elements which served as party crashers.

    For a story of its brevity, there were way too many characters being presented at the beginning that really had no purpose towards the end. Unless the author is going to revisit some of them in a later installment, then the amount of supplemental characters should be decreased slightly.

    Although the heat was tastefully painted, the events leading up to the development was quite predictable.

    Verdict: Overall, I give Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter a 3.5 out of 5 (I wasn't swayed enough to round it to 4 stars).

    This is a very descriptive write, and it has a bit of spice without being in your face, hardcore porn. I can definitely see this for one just starting out in reading erotica. For me, I prefer my writes a little more original in context and characters.

  2. Okay, spoiler alert, but this is a good one, I promise. We have our hero, a man resenting his presence at his firm’s annual gaudy holiday party and his wife. We have a sudden tease by the boss’ adult and go-getting daughter in the firm, and his wife’s she-cat like reaction – great stuff. They go home, and then our hero is surprisingly seduced by the couple’s 21-year old sitter. The setup to this story is great, the first half of the book misdirects us into thinking one thing is going to happen, and it turns around and does the complete opposite. I love being toyed with while I read, and never given what I want from the start. It’s the sign of a patient and crafty writer, and I love it.

    This is Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter, a short by Dark Inferno, which is a fun pseudonym to be sure. The one thing that fascinates me about this book are the info-dumps. Now, normally, I loathe info-dumps, but this book has a clear and interesting take on them. Every time something new is mentioned, we get a tiny info-dump on the person, place, or thing. They aren’t too long, just short enough to get the point and relevant information across, and then we move on. It is a factoid style of writing that is consistently used to get the background needed for the reader, but they don’t overstay their welcome. They fall off by the end too, and don’t get in the way of the heat. It is an interesting style choice, and a use of info-dumps I did not mind too terribly much.

    The info-dumps do serve a purpose. This is really close to drama or soap opera style writing, and the little factoids serve the purpose to get the reader up to speed quickly. We could have used a technique like in The Great Gatsby’s intro, where the info is passed along through conversation, but there does come a point where the characters are deliberately talking about background and not pushing the story along. Here, the info-dumps are noticeable and do interrupt somewhat, but they are used to good effect. I can’t say this could have been done without them without significantly lengthening the book, so I understand why they were added, and they are more a writer’s style than a significant issue.

  3. That said, damn, the detail and background here are stunningly well written. We get all sorts of delicious details and scene pieces, like the food on the tray at the holiday party, what the sitter is watching on the television, the posters on the walls, and lots of other delicious little things the author uses to set the scene. We even get lighting cues, taste, scent, and touch hints that give this writing a rich and colorful texture. Text-quality is very good, and we even get editor and cover artist credits in the back of the book, with contact info to spread the love – extra points for you!

    Speaking of the cover, beautiful and very nice job. This is a freelance artist over on Deviant Art who did the cover, an artist by the name of Candra, which is a huge change from the standard stock photo plus text affairs we normally get. It is a great thing to see authors reaching out into the creative community and using freelance artists for book covers, and something I certainly hope to see more of in the future. Major bonus points for both this, and it is wonderful to see our communities support each other in creative efforts.

    Heat-level is melt ice cream hot. The book has one of the best ice-cream seduction scenes in it I have read in a long time. We get all sorts of little hints and cues from the supporting cast as well, his wife insinuates something, and the boss’ daughter also acts like a vamp on the prowl. The book teases and flirts with the edge of passion, taunting its character to jump off into rapturous oblivion. It is a great piece of seductive writing and the internal conflict that goes on with it, and I will say it is very well done.

    I’d say strong recommend for this. It is a great piece of writing, detailed and rich in texture and detail, with great dialog and setups, with burningly hot sex to cap it off. A small spanking for the factoid style, but not enough for me to complain too loudly. What I can say is that the book more than makes up for any of my petty style complainants and presents a gripping story and rich little slice of life world that is hooked me in and didn’t let go.

    Another book that you can get lost in, forget what time it is, and flip pages ceaselessly until you reach the end? Certainly today, and also with community-sourced editing and art? Very, very nice. This is the first in a series I definitely want to check out. What strikes me overall is this is a work done with care, effort, and love – and it shows. Wonderful job on this, Dark Inferno.

  4. This is a good short read.

    The author does an incredible job in his descriptions. Everything from the characters physical appearances to the setting of each scene is thoroughly detailed.

    For an erotic short story it's hot without being overly graphic and distasteful.

    I liked the fact that Richard is just your everyday man, navigating through the ups and downs of life. He is relatable in that sense.

    My critic would be that it has a relatively slow start. Personally it was a little difficult for me to get into right away. (But then I've mentioned my short attention span before... SQUIRREL!)

    Also, I would like to point out (since my blog is about romance novels) that I am hesitant to call this novella a romance. In my opinion doing so implies a love story. This is the first in a series so it's possible the author may be going that way but as a stand alone it's not.

  5. Ok, this was a really short, really HOT erotica. Richard Martin is an investment banker who has been loving and faithful to his wife, Alice, and son, Alex. But at the company Christmas party the CEO's hot young daughter starts making passes at him. That gets him hot and bothered. Then his wife steps in and get him even hotter with her possessive nature, and hot erotic kisses. By the time they get home, he is coilled tighter than the stem on a watch turned to many times.

    When the hot 21 year old babysitter asks for his help with a computer problem, he agrees to take a look, but not before Alice is all over him in the kitchen, hot kisses, sensual grinding and sexual promises of what he might get right before sending him off to Rebecca's apartment. When Rebecca answers the door in a lace and silk black robe Richard knows that he is trouble. Knowing that he needs to leave before he does something that he might regret and actually getting his body to listen to his commands are impossible. It has been months since he and Alice have been intimate and the events of this night might have just pushed him to the point of no return.

    But now that he has sampled the forbidden fruit, can he go back to being the man he was before?

    I have to say for such a very short book, the author did a very good job at setting up the situations that lead to Richard's stray. I like that the book ends on a TBC. It leaves the reader wondering what is instore next for Richard. Will he be able to resist the hot young beauty that made him hotter than he has been in forever? Will he be able to resist the temptations of the hot, young CEO's daughter with a reputation for sleeping with anything in pants at the office? Will be able to go back to life as he knew it before his "Sweet Temptation"? Guess we will need to wait for the next book.

    This book was so hot I gave it 4 sizzling stars!

  6. Perhaps my favorite part of Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter was how Dark Inferno built up the character of the babysitter, Rebecca. This girl is 21 and reeks of 21 from her movie and ice cream choices to her doe-eyes. Also, I appreciate how Dark Inferno “set up” the second book in his series with the first scene in this book. It is a well-constructed, well intentioned scene: we learn about Richard’s character, family dynamics, and work dynamics all at the same time. As I often find with erotica, I did spot some minor technical and continuity issues within this book. Regardless, Dark Inferno has crafted a highly enticing story of the younger girl next door, which I would recommend as a quick, arousing read.

  7. I have a complaint... that it was a novella.
    I wanted more story.
    The main scene in the book got me flushed and was written perfectly.

    Richard Martin was just your average guy. Goes to work, goes home to his wife and child but on this particular night he was needed to help out 'The babysitter."
    He certainly helped her out.

    I even felt bad that he had to leave straight away, although i completely understand it. F.Y.I. i hate cheating... except in books... then it's permitted... if it's like this.

    This was the first book i have read by Dark Inferno, i doubt it'll be my last. New fan :)

  8. *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    I have to be honest and say that I’m married with children so I wasn’t too sure I wanted to read this, but once I had it kind of irritated me as a woman and had nothing to do with the whole babysitter thing or the writing.

    Richard is a typical man. He works, he’s married, and he has a young child. He could be anyone you meet on the street and you’d never know the thoughts running through his head…either one! Like most men he’s tempted by a sexy young woman and there’s only so much restraint in him.

    The writing is good. However, it did have a slow start and sometimes goes off on inconsequential details that draw attention away from the storyline. For such a short story I found it kind of distracting and is the reason I’m rating it as I am, and not because of the personal issue I had with the subject matter.

    Now for the reason it irritated me… I felt so bad for his wife. She’s dressed up and looking good, showing him how much she wants him, and what does he do??? Leaves her hot and bothered and ends up fucking the babysitter instead. No matter how much I tried, I’m just so not okay with that. But it is fiction and if you like reading about temptations and how lust cannot be ignored then this is definitely a quick read you should pick up.

    Personally, I think this book is more directed toward a male reader as I can’t imagine too many women enjoying the temptations given into by men…unless of course they are the babysitter.


  9. Today, onReview Square, I’m going over an 11k novella of “Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter”, written by Dark Inferno, about a man, Richard Martin, who spent his life being the good husband, a hard-worker; the pillar of the community. He loves his wife Alice dearly, but his mundane lifestyle has led him to a temptation he couldn’t resist – Rebecca, who is the babysitter to his newborn son and his neighbor.

    When Richard was asked to go upstairs to her apartment and fix her laptop, he never expected a little moment would spark a lustful encounter between him and Rebecca. However, during that wanton moment he develops a conscience. He knew he was wrong, but he couldn’t help succumb to the temptations of his sexy babysitter.

    I really liked the story. However, there were some things that could ruin a good story, giving it a low review mark with some reviewers – overemphasizing the dialogue with climatic scenes.

    The use of words were great, however the dialogue takes away from the story. For example:

    “Ohhh right there…right there-oh God-ughhh I'm cumming...oh God-oh God-ohhh goooohhhhhhhh!!!” Rebecca cried, losing all control, deliriously thrashing her head and arching off the sheets; her whole body trembling with the force of the climax ripping through her.

    I loved the way Dark Inferno described the scenes (great storytelling), but I wasn’t all turned on by the dialogue. Instead of over-emphasizing the dialogue of excitement, keep it simple. The exclamation point is enough to describe to the reader how the character feels. Here’s a great way of using the dialogue:

    “Oh yes, right there… right there! Oh god, I’m cumming!” Rebecca cried, losing control deliriously thrashing her head and arching off the sheet; her whole body trembling with the force of climax ripping through her.

    You’re not over-doing the dialogue, and the reader is still in tuned with the story, making it more enjoyable.

    We all get lost in the moment of the story, but we must keep it presentable to keep the reader interested. In an ebook world, you’re representing not just your talent but your writing skills. Dark Inferno will need little improvement on the climatic dialogues, but yes, I would read more of his books. I’m interested to see where it leads to on his next book: The Boss’s Daughter. While I’m no fan of cheater stories, I noticed his character, Richard, has a conscience, and I’m looking forward to see what else he has in store.

    I give this a Gold Read (4 Stars). I really loved the story from the beginning. It was very interesting, and there was no fluff and fillers in the story. Great story. However, I must caution the dialogue during the sex scenes. When it comes to the heat level, it was very yummy and steamy, only giving it 4 Flames. Dark Inferno didn’t go bland on the scenes, and it was realistic enough to believe; nothing out of place.

    There wasn’t any suspense level in the story, just predictable enough. I was hoping something more, but since there is a To Be Continued, I’m interested to read more of Dark Inferno’s stories. I do give a soft recommend to the story, and his book is easily found on Smashwords. Great book, I’m looking forward to your next one.

  10. This was about Richard a married man that was ruled by his wife. At least that’s the take you get from the book. Richard is a vibrant man with a healthy libido. this book started at Christmas party. The boss’s Daughter decided to tempt fate and be seductive towards Richard. Alice his wife put a end to that then They leave and go home early.
    Home early Richard is talked into coming to fix Rebecca’s computer She is the babysitter. This book was a novella very short. It offered hot and heavy kissing. and even built up sexual tension.
    If you want a erotic read that is short but sweet then this is your book. It was a little vague for me but it was a good read. It gets your hormones a rollin even!

  11. Eye Candy Bookstore27 May 2014 at 03:59

    Holy Hotness!!!!! If you are looking for a short but extremely hot read this is the book for you. At first Mr. Martin had me saying WTF. All that changed and now I would love to be Mr. Martins babysitter! !! He will have you pissed then all hot and bothered in a matter of seconds! Can't wait until the next one comes out.

  12. This is a very short, very sexy read. I do not believe in or condone cheating at all but since this is fiction, I’ll have to say it was a pretty good short read. Richard is an ass for cheating on his wife like that, however he was a very sexy ass …. If not just a bit wishy washy as well. I blame Richard AND Rebecca for cheating on the wife, Alice. Rebecca knew he was married and planned that little scene anyway, which in my opinion was a little whorey if you ask me … she was far from little miss innocent. And as far as Alice, she was a b**** anyway so I can see why Richard would have been unhappy enough to stray. While his wife tried to get his physical attention before he went to Rebecca’s apartment, his wife wasn’t who was on his mind. I know it says that he loved his wife, but loving someone and being happy are two different things.

    I thought this was very well written and the grammar and spelling were excellent. The author did an excellent job setting up the scenario that leads to Richard’s infidelity.

    I do like these hot little short reads, they get your blood pumping.


  13. 4.00 Stars
    The book was a short novel and was well written. I felt that the beginning part of the book explaining the work party Richard Martin is at was a little long and boring but I understand why the author wrote it. It lays the foundation down for the next book in the series. So up front this is mainly a book about the Richard Martin who cheats on his wife Alice with the babysitter named Rebecca. I whole heartily believe that Richard was an honest man and wouldn’t do something like that to his wife. When a seed in planted in a man’s head it festers and grows into something more. Rebecca was watching their son while they were at Richard’s company holiday party. When they returned home, Rebecca asked Richard if he could help her with the computer at her flat before her dad returned from work and she got in trouble. Richard agreed but before he went upstairs to Rebecca’s flat, his wife made him all hot and bothered and plus it had been a month since they had sex. She made he hard and horny and then talked about how beautiful she is and told Richard how Rebecca watches his every move and smiles when he comes into a room. Richard went to go help Rebecca and the thoughts in Richard’s mind ( and I would like to point out from his wife mentioning it) about Rebecca were played out into action. Let me make a point and say that Rebecca the babysitter is 21 years of age and is not underage at all. Rebecca tells Richard that she has always wanted him. Needless to say, Richard and Rebecca have wild crazy sex and the rest of the book is describing the sex scene. I thought it was well written. Most of you are probably thinking he cheated on his wife, but his wife shouldn’t have put this thoughts in his head from the beginning. I would have like to see the story progress a little more as to what happened next with Richard and Rebecca and if there relationship continued but it did end with him leaving the flat after their romp. I would definitely read the next novel in this series by Dark Inferno.