Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hi everyone.

Ok I know I've been gone a while. I'm not dead, i've just been working on a story for a erotic collection i'm going to puplish on amazon. The Collection isn't ready yet but i've been thinking about doing a new DBZ Story. All my old plans are still stored and i do plan to get to them sometime. However because of my abscence I'd like to write a new Videl threesome story. However I'm not sure who her lovers should be so just thought i'd ask and see if anyone has any requests...


  1. ...and he lives again! :-) I always wondered what happened to you after how strong you had been in the past two years. I'm so glad to hear that you were just working on other projects and wish you the best of luck on completing 'The Collection.'

    I hope you finish some of your older project as well ;-), but I'm happy to hear that you are planning a new Videl threesome story. Of course one of them is Gohan in my opinion, and personally I would love to see your take on with Erasa. I know 'Just for the Night' was suppose to go there, but it never finished. Bulma a nice second choice in exchange for Erasa, and I know it may be cliche pairing now just like Erasa's, but it's a threesome pairing I don't think I've ever read in any of your stories contain. Finally if you want some 'out there' ideas, you could always revisit the unique incest threesome of Videl/Gohan/Pan, or try your hand at with Chichi.

    Whatever you choose, I'm sure we will enjoy it very much. I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi

      Yep I'm back, I'm still working on that other project but I'm back to work on a Dragonball Story, I had actually had a mind to write a sort of rewrite to the famous Kamasutra comic but with Videl instead of Chichi, so it would have been a GohtenxVidelxTrunks story, i also had an idea for a short VidelxVegeta oneshot, as well as story which revolved around Videl cheating on Gohan with the Great Sayaman (i wont give away the ending there though).

      However I have been commissioned to write a VidelxPan story (with a brief hint of VidelxBulma), so i'm working on that over the weekends.

      I do hope to finish some of my older storyies, including the final chapter for just for the night, and A Day of Confessions. The story is still in my head it's just trying to make the time.

    2. I'll be honest in saying that I'm not very thrilled with either of the two ideas (rewrite of Kamasutra or Vegeta/Videl), but I'm sure there are people out there that might like that. Personally for me, not up my ally but then again it might be because I'm partial to Gohan.

      The cheating on Gohan with Saiyaman at first sounded interesting, but I have the funny feeling that it will be someone else in the Saiyaman costume, and Videl unknowingly will be having intercourse thinking its Gohan under the mask. Once again, not up my ally, but you are more than welcome to write what you like.

      The commission looks like it will be a good one though. I wonder if it will tie in with 'A Lesson to Learn.'

  2. Oh I see. Well then I apologize for assuming you were going in a different direction. I had initially found it interesting because I thought that you would be doing something like 'Still Gohan in the Saiyaman suit' but I did not think about the multiform, but after seeing what were your other ideas I started to get worried that instead of Gohan it would have been someone else.

    Well that's a bummer, but commissioner set the rules. In any case it still sounds like an awesome idea.

    1. Afraid it was my idea to have the story set in an alternate GT story line. You see the commissioner wanted a VidelxPan Story without Gohan, so i needed to come up with a reason as to why he was absent. The Commissioner originaly suggested a story where Gohan was dead or that he and Videl had divorced, I didn't like that idea however so i thought of setting the story in an alternate timeline where Pan is older, so she wouldn't have hijacked the spaceship and Gohan would have gone on the trip as planned, along with all the Son men and Trunks. I kind of killed to birds with one stone as, given the nature of the story i didn't want to right about child Pan.