Monday, 13 July 2015

Another Update...

Well here is another update

In my last post i said i wanted to get back in the DBZ fanfiction swing, lets face it I've been out of action for so long readers may think i'm dead, fortunatly death couldn't hold me and as we know i've just been busy writing my next book.

I had actually had a mind to write a sort of rewrite to the famous PBX comic Kamasutra but with Videl instead of Chichi, so it would have been a GohtenxVidelxTrunks story, i also had an idea for a short VidelxVegeta oneshot, as well as story which revolved around Videl cheating on Gohan with the Great Sayaman (i wont give away the ending there though). However I have been commissioned to write a VidelxPan story (with a brief hint of VidelxBulma), so i'm working on that over the weekends. :)

That will be my next new release, can't say when but it is coming. I'm also redoing a few of my older stories, some that have been lost to the internet an so will be a rerelease rather than an edit :)

I do hope to finish some of my older storyies, including the final chapter for just for the night, and A Day of Confessions. The story is still in my head it's just trying to make the time.

On a personal note I'm really looking forward to the New Horizons Pluto flyby tomorrow. A landmark date in history, though i'm in agony with a case of sunburn (no not the GohanxVidel story i wrote a few years ago). Let it serve as lesson to me never to leave the house in summer without my damn Kangaro Leather Cowboy Hat!

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