Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Update 22/07/2015

Good Morning Everyone

I'm pleased to say my work load has gone up. I'm not only working on that collection of erotic short stories and a DBGT VidelxPan oneshot commission, but i have also been commission to write a Naruto Story. The client had at first wanted a DBZ story featuring a BulmaxMiriTrunks Pairing but then the writer for this story pulled out so he offered it to me instead. I've never watched Naruto or read the Manga so this will be interesting for me but it's not the first time i've worked on new material without much knowledge.

Life is the same as ever for me, books sales are steady but have dropped slightly, not sure if it means i've sold a copy to everyone who would be interested in reading it, I need to do teaser pics, or its because the month is almost out so wages are almost gone. Will just have to see when month turns.

While I'm writing the commissions over the weekends, once i finish the collection I plan to start two new projects. One will be the next edition in Sweet Temptations, the other an actual original historical fiction novel. However the collection is still a long way from done so will have to wait. For all of you waiting for me to finish A Day of Confessions and Just For The Night, I'm afraid you'll have to wait a bit longer. Sorry.

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