Monday, 3 August 2015

03/08/2015 - Update

Hi everyone

Well here is another update, sorry it is later than usual.

Well I'm still working on the original version of that commission I finished a few months ago. Why is it taking so long, you might ask, well i'm afraid i've started playing Skyrim again, very bad for writing as it's so adictive but good fun all the same. You might also be wondering why the fanfic version hasn't been posted here, well I guess i want to keep something new for my collection, not just reworks of fanfics. Hopefully though it will be worth the wait...

On other news, I've just had a new DBZ Fanfic idea. It's Videl focused. The general gist is she is just coming home from a bad date with Gohan, in short, she wanted to take thheir relationship to the next level but he's clueless. Seeing her so distrought, Buu comes to confort her and revels he knows Gohan  loves her and that he knows  the way her boyfriend feels about her because when SuperBuu absorbed Gohan, he inhereted tthe demi's feelings. Videl thanks him but says she wish she could be as sure as buu. A smiling spreads across Buu's face and  says he knows a way she can andbefore she can do anything, the antena atop Buu's head swingss down to tap Videl Between the eyes...

The rest is a surprise.

As you can see from my recent ideas, I'm in a bit of a Videl focused mind at the moment. If you like the idea, or have a few suggestions of your own please let me know. Unfortunatly that idea won't be for awhile as i'm working on the rewrites and two commissions, the DBGT (VidelxPanxBulma) and a Naruto fic, but they are noted here and that means i like them.

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