Monday, 24 August 2015

An update and a question 25/08/2015

Ok, I have a question i'd like to put to my readers, fans and friends . I have been vocal in my intention to next release a collection of erotic short stories, but I'm at an impass. You see I have been devoted to a stand alone Erotic story for over a year and a half, I've chossen my words advisably here because at the moment it's 34000 words, so not really a short story. It's finished but I'm currently doing the editorial 2nd draft and since i've deleted a thousand words and added 5000, and I'm only on page 15 out of 54 (on microsoft word). Now why am i telling you this you might be wondering, well I've been doing the edit for 4 months now i think and though the next 40 or so pages are just one sex scene after another, and i am not joking or being dramatic there,  so hopefull the edit will sped up, I'm still looking at a long haul just to finish this then i have the over 7 or so short stories to re-write; therefore it will probably be at least a year before the collection is ready.

So Now we come to my question, should i publish this story when it's done and leave it out of the collection or go on as originally planed and release it's first edition in the collection?

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  1. Ohmygod! You are back! You are back! YAY *celebrates*!
    It has definitely been a while since the last time I see you updated, but I know you must have things to do! I still can't believe you are here! YAY :D I see that you have soo many projects at the moment, and I'm excited for reading them! :D But I'll be patient and wait for them!

    Anyways, about your question: (english is not my first language so I hope I'm understanding right the question!!) I wouldn't mind if the story is being part of the collection, but considering it's probably not going to be a very short story, and since you've put incredible effort and time in this one story, I really do think it should be realeased as separated, because it would be give it the focus and attention as "THE story" and not "A story part of X". But this depends on what you want!!

    On the other hand, if you want it to be part of The collection, I think it would be really great if you made some kind of emphasis on this one story. I've read some collection of stories and there's always (in my experience) a one story that the author always gives it more emphasis than others. For example, saying words about how particulary special X story was for the author to write makes me inmediately jump to that story and read it first of all. That being said, it depends on the readers to decide which story is the one who captives them more from the collection. Sometimes, even when we give the emphasis for this-one-story, people end up loving other ones! Haha! :P

    In the end, the choice is on you!
    And once again, welcome back! :D