Sunday, 14 February 2016

I hate to do this...

I hate to do this, but with a week to go before send off date, I think it's time to cut my losses. For the past few months I've been working on a few paragraphs, what started off as an edit became a rewrite, but I just haven't made any progress. I keep making some head way, then spot something i don't like, go back to it and redo it, but then get stuck. I'm not going to finish it in time and now it's no longer fun, I feel drained, tired worthless and spent. It's hard for me to do but I need to move on so tomorrow I will delete new and try and place the old verson on top of my Improvments. Months of work, waisted.


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  2. :C Sorry to hear that. To be honest, I have gone throught the same issue in some pieces of my writings. It's incrdible tiresome as you say! but that's exactly why I don't like to read and re-read again and again and again, because then I'll start seeing mistakes absolutely everywhere, wanting to change everything and at the end, im not even satisfied. Try to not focus so much on certain part of the story, or the story at all. Just write something and close Word and don't look at it until at least 3 days has passed (if more, more), get distracted (the more distracted you are, a better view you'll get from your writing, you'll feel the writing as if you had not seeing it in years, AND THAT'S good, because then, you'll feel more motivated to begin and you'll get that "new" feeling about it), don't think about it, and then revise your work again.

    Well, that's my suggestion only :)
    Hope I helped on something at least :T
    Keep it up buddy! :D I'm always expecting news from you on this blog :D!