Monday, 22 February 2016

I take it back. I did it!

Ok, change of plan. While I was finishing my last post my editor got back to me and told me that if the story was less than 50,000 words, she could do it this week if i sent it before morning. We disscussed the issues with my rewriting and she said i should send the original version as it seems sexyier. Well It's a little disheartening as it means i've waisted the last few months. However i did originally say if it wasn't done by today the original would be sent off. And here we are, long live the queen.

What now, well first i'm going to take a week or two off. I'm very haggered at the moment. Confessions (the title of my now finished WIP) has taken a lot out of me and i need to collect myself, send a bit of time reading a getting myself back together. Also between my Far Cry Primal Xbox game that should be arriving tomorrow and organising a cover for confessions, the next week or so will be a bit packed. So back to writing about march time.

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  1. I'm happy that the issue with your work is finally over! Now, you can finally have the time you need to simply relax! Try to relax and take aaalll the time you need and do all the things you want! Take it as a reward for your hard-work at your work. It may not have result in what you hoped, but at least it's now over! :D