Monday, 4 April 2016

A New Start

Well it is done then, Confessions is up  and on Pre-Order on Amazon, the only problem is it has been slapped with the adult filter and unless you have the exact web address, it won't be found :(. I'm currently trying to get it removed, when it is done i will post the details as i'm not sure if i'll have to take it down and then post it again to get normal service. Why is everything never simple.

Well to turn to new buissness, i'm ready to start my new project and i have no idea what it is. I know i've promised to start the final chapter to daay of confessions but atm that will have to be put on the weekend project list. My first project of choice is a DBZ Commission i've mentioned which involves a futa-videl. Not really my first choice of projects in general but commissions always have to have priority as they are both paid work. Of course that doesn leave weekends free but i have one or two more fanfics i want to turn into kindle books before i start anything new there. If the commissioner doesn't wish to procced of coursen then i will be splitting my time between another futa commission and  the second chapter of Sweet Temptations. If anyone can tell me why futas are so popular at the moment then i'd like to know.

However i do have some news, i have recieved a new request. It basically involves GohanxVidel and just about every other Z Girl in a game of Truth and Dare. If anyone has requests for things they'd like to see i'm all ears and keen to have sugestions.

To be honest i'm not sure if i'm ready to return to writing, but i know if i don't then i'm going to go nuts! I want to write but i'm not sure if i'm good enough or if my creativity is gone. However, that is the story of all writers so i'm just going to shut up and split my time between writing and reading. Maybe i'll always be unsure of myself, lord knows my confidence is never helped by how quickly some writers can punch out 90,000 words. But then rome wasn't built in a day and as i'll probably never be able to give up my night job for writing, who cares aand on with the typing...


  1. Futa-Videl, eww.

    Anyway, congratulations!

  2. Hmm, the GohanxVidel game seems really kinky and hot story. You should do that for your next story. Can't wait for it. =D

  3. Interesting take, the truth or dare game. You say it involves Gohan and Videl and other DBZ girls? Who are we talking about? Erasa? Eighteen? Hell, futa Eighteen?

    Anyway, that's a story I like to see. So yes, I say youre next project should be that truth or dare game. Sounds like fun

  4. truth or dare huh? Some kind of sex game or something that involves Gohan & a harem of Z girls? If so then that is definitely something I'm interested in. Hell, I want to see Videl get her brains fucked out. Make her cum, cum & cum until she loses consciousness. Make it happen

  5. Hey whats youre next story going to be? I love youre work can't wait to see what your goin to wirte about next.