Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A not so promising start.

I would just like to thank the five people who wrote in with their comments and suggestions for the Trick or Treat/ Truth or Dare story. I'm not sure wich title works better so i'll just put them both down and decide later. Well i'm going to quickly try and answer your questions:

  • I actually have no idea how many times a woman can cum in one session.I once read a HP Fanfiction where Harry had to make Hermione climax 10 times in one day. She thought it was in possible but he proved her wrong (guess it had to happen one time lol).  JoanofArc (the young lady (that's only my asumption based on the email name) responsible for requesting this story) had originally asked for 100 times but i thought that was a bit much (both in the realms of beleiveability and my writing skills) so 10 in an hour my alteration. 
  • Yes, Videl will be using a vibrator. But i have no idea how she is going to do it exactly. I'm thinking she masterbates first, then futa 18 (yes that was one of the main parts Joan wants, she was inspired by a Debt Repaied) joining in while Chichi fucks Gohan. Feeling like a third wheel, Bulma joins Videl and 18 untill Gohan and Chichi complete the Sixsome. 

Again thank you for all your suggestions and please keep them coming.

Now onto new bussiness.

I've started a new original shortstory. It's somewhat more contempay than my usual stuff but it'll be a nice change.

In other (more current) fanfcition news, I did have a few calls to forget the Futa VidelxPan (with some bulma thrown in) Commission in faviour of the above story, but lets be fair. The chap who commissioned this story is just as keen as you and he has been waiting longer lol. And of course it's paid work. However i'm not so sure how  to start it, curtousy of a lot of ideas and my usual insucurity. For your viewing pleasure and my search for feedback here is the opening, (i'm expecting at least five comments because i know you're out there now... lol just joking (or am i?)).


How have I come to this?
Lightning streaked across the blackened sky, scorching the overcast heavens with a brilliance that turned darkness into blue-white light and threw the canopy of dense black clouds into sharp relief. Not so much as flinching under before it’s fury, Videl numbly watched bolt stab the sky, the glare turning her ivory skin ghostly white against the lustrous curtain of raven hair spread out beneath her.
It had been Gohan’s idea to have a skylight in their bed room. He’d liked the idea of them being able to cuddle up together and look out at the stars and she’d been so surprised by his uncharacteristically romantic idea she’d agreed immediately.
Gohan. Just the thought of her husband was enough for guilt to claw the cold knot of ice in her stomach even tighter and she had the sensation of tears welling behind her eyes. Only she had no more tears to shed. She had already wept all those away.


  1. No suggestions from me since all of them are already mentioned here or in the previous posts. However I do have a few questions regarding the Turth o Dare story.

    1. Does Videl and all of the other girls have their pubic hairs removed? Personally Im not a fan of it. If it's too much to ask, can you remove the pubic hair?

    2. You said, 'Feeling like a third wheel, Bulma joins Videl and 18 untill Gohan and Chichi complete the Sixsome.' Don't you mean Fivesome? I counted Gohan,Videl,Chichi,Eighteen,Bulma.

    3. I believe you said you were considering of making this a commission. That would be super. If you are, what scene or scenes will you be commissioning? Would you like requests or suggestions?

  2. I hope you comission this truth or dare story. i enjoyed the other picture of your debt repaid story of gohan and 18 fucking videl hard while she enjoys it and that was one hot scene. can't wait for this one.

    Ever consider what suggestions you'll be using since you were given so much of them?

  3. Oh yes. Give Videl the best fucking of her entire life. Have Videl unleash the biggest orgasm of her life. This sex scene for your truthdare story will be the best ever.