Monday, 30 November 2020

Violent Beginnings


Violent Beginnings

The deal was sealed the moment she stepped onto that stage. 

It was like seeing a ghost. Sunshine blonde hair, pale skin, and azure eyes that held a thousand secrets.

I didn’t know what caused her to end up on that auction block. 
And I didn’t care either. 

All I knew was that I had to have her…no matter the cost.

One-million dollars later and she became just that. 

Mine to break. 
Mine to use. 
Mine to keep. 

We all have secrets, and when I discover hers, no one will be able to save her from me.

*This is a complete standalone, 100k+ word novel. It contains dark themes, including violence and sexual situations. As always there is no cheating, and a happily ever after.* 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Snow on the Range


Snow on the Range

Every Christmas, Red Hart Ranch opens their doors, and Montana provides the perfect backdrop for good company and better food. But this year, the table won’t be as full. 

Eve Beaumont is a twin heir to Red Hart Ranch. She loves the land, loves the people, and will do anything for them. Christmas sees most of the ranch hands return to their own homes to celebrate. Only a few long term cowboys remain with the family. 

When Eve and her brother Trav go into town to collect supplies, they each bring home a drifter for Christmas. Rhys Archer and Simon Haldon are as different as two cowpokes can be. One rough edged who can work the land and animals with a firm hand; the other a smooth talker with a devilish charm. Eve finds both men attractive against her better judgement, but when tragedy hits the ranch, romance is the last thing on her mind. 

Vandalisms happen around the ranch, and Eve isn’t sure who she can trust. She knows neither man is who he pretends to be — but when no one listens to her, she has to prove her suspicions on her own. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia  

Love Me Like That


Love Me Like That

Cole Brothers Book 1

After living a life of betrayal and abuse, London Sykes is on her own. 

She's ready to start over, leaving the past behind. 

But when her car skids off the road, London is rescued by a sad, mysterious, and sexy man--a man who changes everything for her.

Kadin Cole is done. 

At a cabin in the woods for his very first--and last time--Kadin refuses to return to a life he cannot endure. 

With grief that suffocates him, he makes the hardest decision of his life. 

But when a beautiful woman crashes into his life, Kadin is torn between his grief and his hope for a new beginning. 

Now, it's up to Kadin and London to find warmth in the coldest time of their lives. 

Can their passion thaw their hearts and give them a chance at something more? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia   

Sunday, 29 November 2020

My Boss’s Daughter


My Boss’s Daughter

I’m not the kind of man who denies himself,

I’m a powerful billionaire. 

I take what I want.

Even if that means my boss’s daughter.

The moment I reached out and pulled her to me,

The moment her lips touched mine,

I was paralyzed.

I shouldn’t have given in.

I shouldn’t have claimed her.

The moment my boss assigned her to work for me,

I knew I was in trouble.

That smart mouth and tempting body,

She needed to learn a lesson,

To learn who was in charge. 

But as she works her way into my life and heart,

I might not be the one in charge anymore. 

What I can’t afford to forget?

That when this is said and done,

She’s not mine to keep. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Her Private Game


Her Private Game

Not a little girl anymore…

… and with the curves to prove it.

She’ll use them all to her advantage.

Zara was a skinny teen with a huge crush. Now she’s grown and feelings have changed. Puppy dog love has blossomed into something else.

Passion and desire.

Theo was perfectly happy with his quiet life. Until he saw her again. Drop-dead gorgeous and a body to die for, as well as smart and funny.

Who could ask for more?

He never imagined Zara would turn into the girl of his dreams! But, he must resist his urges. There are so many things wrong with them getting together. And, he’s old enough to be her father.

Unfortunately for him, Zara has fallen for him.


She’ll do anything to prove they are perfect together. And, she’ll make it known to him in all ways possible. And she does mean in all ways.

Will she convince him?

She thinks she can.

But there’s one problem.

He’s her dad’s best friend.

This is an age gap professor student, my dads best friend romance story. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Something More


Something More

Hidden Pearl Resort Book 2

I've been craving something more ever since I moved here.
But I never imagined that it was three guys at once!

I've scored the kind of life most people only dream of.
I work a cushy job at a stunning Caribbean resort.
But somehow, I've never been more miserable.
I feel out of place in this romantic tropical getaway.
And the dating pool is more than a little limited.
I've crushed on my co-worker, Kai, since Day 1.
But he's off limits because he's gay. Or so I've been told.
When two unbelievably gorgeous guys, Garrett and Jace, arrive on the island,
it's obvious that they like either Kai or me.
But I can't tell which of us they want to bring into their bed.
It starts to seem that they're into us both.
At first I thought this would be a twisted love triangle.
But now it's so bent it's being turned into a love square!
And I'm imagining exploring all three of the guys' hot bodies.
While they all pleasure me, and each other.
They came here to be groomsmen for Jace's brother getting married.
But I can't help but hear wedding bells in my own future.

Will experimenting with my wildest fantasies ruin my friendship with Kai?
Or will it lead to a happily ever after for all of us in real life?

Something More is a full-length bisexual menage romance novel with high heat MM and MFMM scenes (swords do cross in this one)! It's Book 2 in the Hidden Pearl Resort series and is connected to Book 1 (Something New) by characters, setting and theme. (Helena, the curvy heroine in this story, is best friends with Lila, the heroine in the first book who marries two men and partially owns the resort.) It is a standalone that does not need to be read with the first book to be understood, but reading both will be double the pleasure. It has no cliffhangers and no cheating, but it does have a very happily ever after and lots of steam.

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

One Night on the Naughty List


One Night on the Naughty List

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to get through the next twenty-four hours without embarrassing myself.

I have no business spending the day with Bain Thatcher, my incredibly hot and totally off-limits boss. He’s my opposite in every way: older, rich, and so drop-dead gorgeous women in the office call him the “panty melter.”

Did I mention he’s hot?

He’s also coming off a nasty divorce, and I know romance is the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing on mine whenever I’m near him.

So it was pretty dumb of me to agree to accompany him to his family’s Christmas party. I should have said no, but I couldn’t resist his handsome face and sexy grin when he said he didn’t want to go alone.

His washboard abs might have had something to do with it, too. Ever since I got a glimpse of them, I’ve had trouble staying on the Nice List.

Now I’ve got to handle three hours in the car with Bain Thatcher the Panty Melter, followed by a whole evening on his arm.

I’ve spent three years hiding my attraction to my boss. It’s going to take a Christmas miracle for me to hide it during this trip. I know you’re busy, Santa Baby, but it would be great if you could hurry down the chimney and help me keep my oh-so-naughty thoughts to myself.

♥♥♥Part of The Holiday Honeys Series!♥♥♥

The holidays are coming and we're heading to the North Pole — the real-life town of North Pole, New York, that is! Join your favorite romance authors for a series of standalone love stories set in a small town shared world filled with all things sexy and bright. ;) Snuggle up with some hot cocoa and your favorite cozy blanket because you're not going to want to miss any of what The Holiday Honeys have in store!

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Kiss A CEO


Kiss A CEO

The Complete Chicago CEO Romance Series

Three kissable billionaire CEOs
One secret baby
One second chance
One struggling single dad

All three, are unputdownable STEAMY romances with heartwarming HEAs.

Book ONE - Text Me A Kiss

I was a prima ballerina
I had no time for a boyfriend
But one day, just for kicks, I created a profile on a dating app.
At first, it was just for fun.
Then something happened I never dreamed of, I fell in love with my father’s nemesis.

I had everything, money, power and good looks.
Women melted in my arms like honey… sometimes two at a time.
But one day, I woke up and decided I needed a change, and created a profile on a dating app.
I wanted to meet someone who would appreciate me for who I was.
That’s when I found the love of my life, beautiful Kady.
Then I discovered I’d made a terrible mistake… 
Or was it?

Book TWO - Kiss and Makeup

I found her again, my beautiful college sweetheart.
And she’s independent as ever…
But she wants our relationship to be strictly business… 
I lost her once. I can’t lose her again.
Just when it seems she’s about to open up…
She pushes me away.
I know I have to prove I’ve matured…
But does she still love me?

Nine years… It’s been nine years since I last saw him.
He gave me his heart back in college… 
But I couldn’t give him mine.
Now, I think I made a mistake…
Things are different…
Because I’m not alone. I have a child to raise.
Will he accept us both? Will he give me a second chance? 

Book Three - Their Stolen Kisses

As CEO of Pinnacle Real Estate, I once had everything I ever wanted.
A beautiful wife, a baby boy… and billions to support them.
Until my wife walked out on me, married my competitor, and decided she wanted her son back.
Now, I’ve broken a cardinal rule… 
I hired my assistant’s secretary with curvy assets as Noah’s overnight nanny. The problem is, her luscious lips and her gift with children make her irresistible.
But, I’m afraid to make her mine and risk history repeating itself.

As secretary to Cameron Hart’s executive assistant, I struggled to make ends meet. 
I needed extra work to save my childhood home from foreclosure!
When my dreamy boss offered me the position as an overnight nanny for his son, I was overjoyed. Until, that first steamy kiss when we melted in each other's arms.
My father once told me I was too heavy… No man would ever want me.
Now, I need someone I can trust… Someone older and experienced... Someone who will accept me for who I am. 
What if I give Cameron my heart and find out he is only stringing me along to get what he wants?

Download this sexy office romance series today. 

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Saturday, 28 November 2020

The Fling


The Fling

Angels in White Book 2

An innocent night out to celebrate Talia’s well-deserved promotion doesn’t end up quite like she expected . . .

Talia, a single mum with a pre-teen kid, is constantly stressed juggling work at the hospital and her kid. On the night to celebrate her promotion, she has a fling and a one-night stand with a gorgeous stranger who turns out to be working at the same hospital.

They had to navigate awkward situations at their workplace while sorting out their feelings for each other. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 




*A single dad. A lonely teacher. Two hearts meeting.*

Katrien Odendaal loves children. Even though her father left her with enough money to never work again, she teaches. It makes her truly happy to see them grow and become self-sufficient. 

But when she meets Dries Vermaak, the handsome Viking- look-a-like dad of a student, everything changes. Suddenly she notices how isolated she is. How much she misses having family. 

And a man. Because Dries haunts her dreams. Her body becomes alive in his presence. 

Dries is a man trying to hold the pieces of his broken family together. His wife left with mountains of unpaid debts. He is constantly reminded of her betrayal. And he isn’t ready for a relationship. 

That is what he wants to believe. But his heart has other ideas. So does his body. 

And Katrien Odendaal is the reason behind it all. 

Can Katrien accept Dries with the baggage from his past? Will Dries be brave enough to step into a new future with Katrien? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Learn the Rules


Learn the Rules

Rough Love Parts 1-5

Learn the Rules contains the first five parts of the Rough Love series. Join Ben and Xander in their continuing odyssey of self-discovery, experimentation, and steamy fun as they work out the kinks together. This is just the beginning of their wild - and sometimes dark - ride, but never fear: these two will get their HEA. It'll just take them some time to figure out what that happy ending looks like for them...

Rough Love can be rough. Please proceed with caution if you have any triggers.

Rough Love reading order: 

Learn the Rules (collected serials)
1. Bound by Him
2. Taken by Him
3. Dared by Him
4. Marked by Him
5. Loved by Him 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Basilisk's Vengeance


Basilisk's Vengeance

She tried to run. He was determined to chase her down.

I had to get away from my life in California.

Working in the brothel was going to kill me and had already started in on my spirit.

My mark in North Carolina is my way out.

A path to a new life.

It’s the perfect plan…

Until Baz shows up.

Born and bred to lead the West Coast Outfit, he’s relentless.

And he won’t stop until he brings me back home.

Just not until we take down this target together.

The family is rich and oozes Southern charm.

It should be easy.

But my feelings for Baz and what happens when we’re along together complicates it all.

So does the dark secret our marks are hiding.

One that could end up getting both of us killed. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Small-Town Billionaire Brothers


Small-Town Billionaire Brothers

“Their motto?
Make money. Have fun.
They don’t have time for anything else.
Until they met their Pretty Woman.”

An Irresistible Small-Town Billionaire Brothers are tall, rich, and hot...and they know it. With their big eyes, chiseled jaw and muscular build - a combination that makes your mouth water. And that smile…

The Billionaire’s Frenemy
The Billionaire’s Girlfriend
The Billionaire’s Surrogate
The Billionaire’s Fake Fiancée 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 





I've been playing with fire my entire life, so messing with two of my club brother's sister was just up my alley. Ruby, the younger half-sister to Grim and Axel.

She and I had been flirting for ages, playfully toying with one another. 

That is, until she went off to one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States-- Stonewall University. 

She joined a sorority and did things all the nice girls do. But one day she came flying back here. We thought it was because of Grim's motorcycle accident, but it wasn't. She was attacked on campus by a group of men.

I was supposed to wait and let one of our own handle it. One who was starting his term at Stonewall in the fall . . . but I couldn't wait. Seeing her in pain ripped me apart, especially after she told me what happened. 

I knew right then and there she'd be mine. But I needed to do one thing first-- find her attackers and make them suffer in ways they never imagined. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Unholy Trinity


Unholy Trinity

What happens when you meet a guy who rocks your world? I mean honest to God, earth shattering, body shaking kind of world rocking.

You know the type: Tall, dark and dangerous, the one guy you wouldn’t dream of taking home to meet your mother. Yet, somehow, he’s all you can think about, all your body craves.

Then what happens when you meet his equally as tall, dark and dangerous identical twin brother? 

Yeah, that’s the predicament I find myself in. Two guys, both hot as hell, and only one me. I know I should stay away from them, for my own sanity if nothing else, but I’m drawn to the brothers like a moth to a flame; I can’t resist them, no matter how hard I try, and I'm trying damn hard.

You’ve heard the saying ‘two’s company’, right? Well, in my case, three is most definitely not a crowd. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia  

The Christmas Eve Secret


The Christmas Eve Secret

Quill is a hero. The man who would do anything for his country, and for his family.

But he was brutally taken from me while I was pregnant with our surprise baby.

Quill was kidnapped as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan. 

And then he returned to our small town.
I knew when I looked into his eyes that he wasn’t the same as when he’d left. 
Quill was colder and distant. 
The war had changed him. 

But I also saw the love that was still hidden behind his eyes. 
Behind all the pain that he’d been through. 

The love for his newborn daughter.

There might still be hope for my husband, but our marriage is drowning. 

Could another Christmas miracle save our love and give our family the second chance that we deserve? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 




Darlington Brothers Book 2 

He found the girl of his dreams… but now he risks losing it all.

Consumed by his passion for rock and roll, Jason Darlington spends his days juggling his successful real estate job with his music. Between the demands of his work and the endless supply of willing groupies when on tour, he knows he could never be happier.

But when their backup singer suddenly falls ill during the tour of a lifetime, Jason is forced to hire a replacement. Sybil Earle fills the void, and she has everything Jason ever wanted – talent, charm, and a beauty that leaves him mesmerized. And as they perform, the pair can’t help but feel a magnetic attraction to one other.

But when Sybil unearths a terrible secret which Jason kept hidden from her, their whirlwind relationship comes crashing down. Furious and heartbroken, she swears off Jason for good… even after he tries to win back her heart.

Can Jason convince Sybil that they belong together? Or will a surprise opportunity tear Sybil away from him forever?

If you adore hot, steamy romance packed with electrifying drama which will leave you begging for more, then you’ll love the next instalment of the Darlington Brothers series. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia  

Kansas Cowboys Complete Series


Kansas Cowboys Complete Series 

Do you like insta-love and suspenseful stories that are meant to last? Then you will definitely enjoy the hot and rugged Kansas Cowboys and their Sassy, Curvy Women. Discover the beauty inside with these four steamy romances and amazing HEA.

Book 1 – Cowboy’s First Love
Christian Carter, a billionaire CEO, does not want anyone to see his face. He found a beautiful blind blonde who is willing to become his wife to save her family’s farm. But Jenna Shaw is more than he expected. She knows nothing about love or beauty. But is Christian ready to see what true love really is?

Book 2 – Cowboy’s Deep Feelings
Georgia McKinley gets caught in a web of lies when she founds a man in front of their ranch, without any memory of who he is. The lies lead her and Adam Mason to fall in love with each other. When Adam recovers his memory, the lies shook their feelings. Will Adam choose to overlook the lies and be with Georgia forever?

Book 3 – Cowboy’s Last Desire
Kate Walters, the bad girl of Pomona, returns home with her daughter, Abby, but discovers that she no longer has a home to go to. Thankfully, an old friend, Joseph Dalton, is there to offer a place to stay and a romance that could last. But, will he truly love her despite her scandalous past?

Book 4 – Cowboy’s Lucky Charm
Kyle Livingston’s misfortune leads him to meet Bella Cameron, a woman blessed with great luck. When their fate intertwines, their connection strengthens, and their love grows stronger. They become each other’s blessing. Then, fate decides to correct itself. Will they both see how lucky they are to find love? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Necessary Evil


Necessary Evil

Sons of Babylon MC Romance Book1

He's stubborn, cynical, and out of control--but he plays her body like no man ever has. 

Lucy Simmons comes from a rough family, but she's a damn good public defender. Even though she hates to see criminals walk due to sloppy police work, the law's there to make sure everyone gets a fair trial, and Lucy certainly doesn't believe in the kind of justice meted out by the leather-clad ex-cop they call "Evil." 

Evan Villiers took a sacred vow to let no killer, rapist, or pedophile go unpunished. When scumbags fall through the system, the Sentinels of Babylon clean up the garbage. Although the SOBs and their methods may not be to Lucy's liking, the beautiful lawyer has become Evan's light in the dark. But his next hit is Lucy's own brother--a murderer who got off on a technicality. Now, with his loyalties split, Evan must turn his back on his sworn duties . . . or lose the woman who has claimed his reckless heart.

Necessary Evil was previously published by Random House. This new edition has updated editing and new scenes. While it's book one in the S.O.B. motorcycle club series, it can be read as a stand alone. No cheating. No Cliffhangers. Just pure unadulterated sexy times with a hard as nails alpha male and the woman who dared to tame him. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Maliciously Obedient

Maliciously Obedient

 Lydia's new boss stole the job she wanted and he thinks he owns the place already on Day One.

Turns out--he actually does.

She can't control her attraction to Matt, the man with stormy eyes and a penchant for kissing her in the supply closet, the elevator, and in her increasingly intense dreams.

But Matt has a secret--he's really Michael Bournham, playboy extraordinaire and the CEO of the company, and he's doing a reality television stunt. For six weeks he's pretending to be a middle manager while producers video tape everything.


Including the moment he and Lydia give in and break every rule.

And, perhaps, their hearts.

Maliciously Obedient is book 1 in the Obedient series.

Sometimes the best way to break the rules is to follow them... 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Wednesday, 25 November 2020




A Brother's Best Friend/ Sports Star Romantic Comedy 

Unexpected Lovers Book 3

Archer-freaking-Austin has turned my orderly world upside down...

Everything in my life was just peachy, until my roommates ditch me and my brother Bates, gets the bright idea to move in and bring his best friend Archer with him. The more the merrier, he says.

The problem is, Archer and I had a one night stand last year and now he’s convinced we’re meant to be. I however, strongly disagree because not only is he Bates BFF, I’m also his agent, and I need him throwing balls, not wanting me to play with his.

There is no way I’m going to jeopardize my career by breaking that cardinal rule again. Nope, not happening.

Unfortunately, he’s every bit as stubborn and determined as I am and what Archer wants, Archer gets. This time he’s not letting me go without a fight...

*A feel good romcom with all the heat that you'd expect to be feelin' in the midst of a baseball players locker room. Note: There were no jockstraps harmed in the making of this book. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Crashing Hard


Crashing Hard

Loving the Sound Book 2

Fate threw them together, the world is trying its best to tear them apart.

Corey is a young hot-shot for the Cleveland Sound. He wants to make his mark and that means then ends his wild ways. Then again that was clear when he nearly killed a gorgeous woman with his car. He never thought he would meet up with her again until one fateful trip to Philly. Now he had his second chance to impress her. Just as he thought that everything was falling into place, he gets hit with the one diagnosis nobody wants to hear. So now he’s not just fighting on the ice or for love, he’s fighting for his life. 

Jenna’s life is in Philadelphia. She never imagined that she would fall for a hockey player let alone one that was so young but that’s life. She’s compelled to see where it goes even if that means moving to Cleveland. Is she strong enough to support him when he needs her most or is the age difference between the two of them too much to handle? 

Crashing Hard is a hockey romance that will hit you with all the feels. Grab this book and a box of tissues now! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Mr. Hot Grinch


Mr. Hot Grinch

Alphalicious Billionaires Boss Book 3

I landed myself a hot Grinch for Christmas.
And it's my new boss!

I was kind of desperate, 
So, I hired her. 
She might not be nanny material.
She might burn food faster than I can grunt.
She might talk back to me like she is the boss.
She might even be on the brink of becoming my archnemesis. 
But my son adores her and that's all that counts. 

So, that puts Miss Saucy Nanny with curves for miles in a specific category, 
The Absolute No Touch Zone.
So, I have no damn business wanting to unwrap her like a Christmas gift. 
Or crush those full lips of hers with mine whenever she swings me a smirk. 

Plus, when she finds out my secret, 
She'll be out of here faster than I can say Ho.
And I would not be the only one left to suffer.
So, this Christmas, the nanny has a strike and takes top spot on my no-wish list. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 




With a famous NHL player for a stepbrother, Violet Hall is well acquainted with the playboy reputation of many a hockey star. So of course she isn’t interested in legendary team captain Alex Waters or his pretty, beat-up face and rock-hard six-pack abs. When Alex inadvertently obliterates Violet’s misapprehension regarding the inferior intellect of hockey players, he becomes much more than just a hot body with the face to match.

Suffering from a complete lapse in judgment, Violet discovers just how good Alex is with the hockey stick in his pants. Violet believes her night of orgasmic magic with Alex is just that: one night. But Alex starts to call. And text. And email and send extravagant—and quirky—gifts. Suddenly, he's too difficult to ignore, and nearly impossible not to like.

The problem is, the media portrays Alex as a total player, and Violet doesn’t want to be part of the game. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Monday, 23 November 2020

Wintertime Bad Boy


Wintertime Bad Boy

Alphas Unboxed Book 3

A fateful meeting with a hot French bad boy changed the course of my life...

The night I met the hot Frenchman 
he saved my life
for a reward he claimed a french kiss

What I did?
Just run away

Until a few days later...

I find him badly injured and in need of my help
And of course I do what all the good girls are warned not to
Take a stranger home
And let him stay
And take care of him

Too hot to handle, with a panty-melting accent
That it’s hard to resist
He’s all wrong for me in all the right ways

My life is simple and boring
Danger and a big secret follow his
Nothing prepared me for the ride he takes me on

But when his step-brother attempts to kill him
I decide to stay by his side
After all, this bad boy is my knight in shiny armor.

Wintertime Bad Boy is a standalone 110k word contemporary romance. It features a hot alpha French bad boy. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Double The Mistletoe


Double The Mistletoe

How do you have one crazy, mixed-up, sexy as sin Christmas? That’s easy—just agree to spend the holidays in bed between two hot alphas you’ve secretly been in love with since high school. 
Going home single for the holidays was the pits. Toss in a thirtieth birthday on Christmas Day and that was a recipe for disaster. Winter Snow was going to throw in the towel and cancel her Christmas plans when her best friend, Chris Shepley, came up with a brilliant idea—he’d pretend to be her boyfriend. It was perfect really—they had been together since birth, when their moms met in the maternity ward on Christmas Day, thirty years ago. Her family adored Chris and they’d be able to celebrate their special day together. The one catch? Well, there are two—he’s bisexual and she’s pretty sure he’s in love with Luke Tannen. The other problem—Winter’s already madly in love with Chris and letting him help her could have her confessing all her dirty secrets to him. 
When Chris comes up with a plan that will make them all happy, will Winter be able to let go of what everyone else wants her to be and embrace the new life that he and Luke are offering her? Or, will she play it safe and give up not just one but two perfect guys to keep her life simple?
Double The Mistletoe is a Christmas Novella and the third book of the Taken Series by K.L. Ramsey 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Yours for Christmas


Yours for Christmas

I’m not even supposed to be here.

The Christmas Ball at Farcliff Castle is meant for proper royals… not families who are hanging on to their titles by a thread.
Families whose daughters need to marry well, else they’ll lose their standing in society.

Families like mine.

You know who else shouldn’t be here?
The Duke of Blythe.

Brooding, mysterious, with a gaze that makes my whole body ignite.

When the Duke steals me away from the ball, he shows me what it means to be a woman. 
Makes me think that my future could involve something more than a loveless marriage to an old, well-titled man.
Treats my body with reverence, and shows me E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I’ve been missing in my prim and proper life.

But the Duke has secrets he’s not ready to share, and my time is running out…
...and that’s before I find out I’m pregnant.

Now I need to decide—do I pursue a life with a reclusive duke, or turn my back on love to make sure my baby has a stable future?

Yours for Christmas is a contemporary royal romance novella. This steamy, short read will have you wishing you were on the naughty list! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Boss's Secret


Boss's Secret

Fake Love Rich Boss Series Book 1

My dream job, a playboy billionaire boss, a fake romance and the murder trial of the century… 
What could possibly go wrong? 

When I receive a job offer from Windsor Publishing - to work for my teenage crush - Oliver Windsor, and his wealthy family, I know it must be too good to be true. The Windsors, well known for making controversial headlines, should be a PR rep’s dream job. 

So long as Oliver’s intensely good looks and persuasive lips do not keep me from acting professionally. I’m sure I can keep these distractions at bay - until he gets too close and I feel my heart start palpitating and body firing up.

But, it’s not until I find out that Oliver’s father is on trial for murder, that this dream job turns into a nightmare. Painting this family in a good light gets more challenging by the minute as more and more scandalous behavior is revealed. 

I think I have it all under control, until I start sleeping with Oliver. 

And then, a surprise confession from him changes my entire life - leaving me with no idea how I’m going to manage. 

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Naughty or Nice


Naughty or Nice

A Friends to Lovers Christmas Romance

Dear Santa,
I know I’m supposed to be nice, but this year, I need to be really naughty.
Oh, and I need a BIG favor—Carson Wells, in nothing but a big pretty bow under my Christmas tree.


Look, I’m desperate okay.
I’ve been the kid sister, sidekick, and friend zone queen since I was seven years old,
But this year, that all changes.

Growing up next door to my best friend was pure, wonderful…torture. 
From the moment my seven-year-old eyes landed on Carson,
I was head over heels in love.

I tried to wish him to fall in love with me but all it got me was rejection.
Forget feelings and romance this year, 
I’m going in for the kill—pure seduction.
After all, Christmas is the time of year to let it all out, right?

I know Santa won’t approve but, I’m done being nice.
It’s time for Carson Wells to see my naughty side once and for all.

If you love a little (or maybe a lot) naughty with your nice during the holidays then grab this delicious holiday romance from best-selling romance author Alexis Winter today! 

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The Flirt


The Flirt

As she mеltеd into mе, I moved mу hаnd bасk tо hеr halter top and рuѕhеd іt fіrmlу down tо her wаіѕt. She mаdе nо mоvе tо stop me аnd my cock thrоbbеd іn mу pants at thе realization. We mаdе оut for ѕеvеrаl mіnutеѕ аnd my hаndѕ dаnсеd аrоund аnd асrоѕѕ her nіррlеѕ thе еntіrе tіmе. When she fіnаllу brоkе аwау frоm mе, I immediately mоvеd mу hаnd to hеr lеg and began slowly runnіng mу fіngеrѕ up and down іtѕ length. "Would уоu lеt mе take уоu right here in frоnt оf them," I whispered. 
"Mауbе," ѕhе said brеаthlеѕѕlу, "but we'd рrоbаblу get аrrеѕtеd." 
"Lеt'ѕ trуіng ѕоmеthіng еlѕе thеn," I ѕаіd аѕ I let mу hаnd ѕlір соmрlеtеlу undеr hеr ѕkіrt. Her legs ореnеd іmmеdіаtеlу and whеn I felt nоthіng but smooth skin I grоаnеd and mу hеаd lоllеd аgаіnѕt hеr ѕhоuldеr. "Oh bаbу, dіd you ѕhаvе for me," I gasped. 
"Waxed асtuаllу, but I thought you mіght lіkе thаt." 
I kissed her again, mоrе urgеntlу thаn ever and mу hаnd wеnt to wоrk bеnеаth her ѕkіrt. Shе was sopping wet and I knеw іt рrоbаblу wouldn't take lоng tо brіng her tо orgasm. I соnсеntrаtеd ѕоlеlу on hеr clit оnlу rarely teasing hеr opening wіthоut penetrating hеr. Aftеr оnlу a few minutes оf this ѕhе stopped kіѕѕіng mе and pushed mе bасk a lіttlе. Hеr fаr hаnd grірреd thе аrmrеѕt оn the оthеr side аnd ѕhе held оn for dear life. Shе looked аt mе рlеаdіnglу and I wаѕn't sure what tо mаkе оf іt. 
"Iѕ thаt lооk because you wаnt me tо ѕtор or tо kеер gоіng," I ѕаіd wіth a ѕmіrk. 
"I'm nоt ѕurе," ѕhе ѕаіd thrоugh gritted teeth. 
In rеѕроnѕе I increased my расе аnd hеr bоdу bеgаn tо ѕhuddеr іn the сhаіr. Shе clamped hеr jаw shut tо try and ѕuррrеѕѕ any ѕоundѕ. Fіnаllу, I ѕlірреd one fіngеr іntо her just uр tо thе fіrѕt knuckle аѕ I bоrе dоwn hаrd on her сlіt wіth mу thumb. She соnvulѕеd in thе сhаіr аnd hеr оthеr hаnd grabbed thе еdgе of my сhаіr аѕ she fought tо ride hеr pleasure ԛuіеtlу. Shе succeeded, but bаrеlу, аnd quickly рuѕhеd my hаnd away аѕ hеr orgasm ѕtаrtеd tо ebb. Whіlе ѕhе watched me I licked each оf my fingers іn turn еnjоуіng the tаѕtе оf her. 

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My Three Guys


My Three Guys 

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until it finds you.

Liam and I just moved in together. We’re rock solid. I haven’t so much as looked at other man since our first date.

Until our two best friends crash-land on our sofa. 

And everyone’s secret desires start to come out.

We’re going to need a bigger bed. 

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Just One Song


Just One Song

Nicole Parsons had the perfect life, made complete with the suburban home and the proverbial white picket fence. When tragedy struck and she lost the most important people in her life, she turned away from everything she loved before; shutting out every reminder of the perfect life she lost. 

It has been one year, three months, one week and six days since the accident, and Nicole is ready to stop counting the days she’s survived, and begin living again. 

On a dare from her best friend, Nicole encounters Zack Walters - the popular alternative rock star and man who signifies so much of her past – and suddenly everything in Nicole’s safe and quiet life changes. 

When she’s forced to face the pain she’s carried for so long, will she truly be able to heal from her past and begin to live again? 

Or will her new adventure ruin her completely? 

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