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Royal Disgrace

Royal Disgrace

Cake Love Book 5

A future prince walks into her diner, pretending to be a pauper. Will one kiss cause all her dreams to come true?

Imagine for a moment being dumped by your boyfriend via paper airplane that hits you in the face. And, only minutes later, discover you’re being fired from a job you’ve had for years. Sounds terrible, right? That’s my day, and it’s only Tuesday. Most of my life has been crappy like that but I refuse to let it get me down.

Hi, I’m Grace and I plan on following my dream no matter what gets in my way. What’s my dream? I think it’s opening an 80’s themed diner. That’s what my good friend told me since I love all things 80’s and diner food. It makes sense so why not?

The only obstacle I’ve come across is tall, with dark hair, an accent that will warm your, uh, heart, and desperate for a job at my diner.

I really wish I didn’t have to fire him.

I will level with you. I’m not who Grace thinks. She sees me as a cool, down-to-earth guy that is humble, caring, and one of the best employees at her diner. She also thinks my name is Nico Aster. I may have stretched the truth by a lot.

My formal title is Nicolas Aster Rowley Chillingham, current Duke of Ironlea and future Prince of Northern Cambria. After the holiday ceremonies and come the new year, I will officially be crowned Prince of Cambria. I’m desperate to get out of becoming a prince so I devise a plan to pretend to be an average guy looking for a job at a diner.

No one in Cambria will find me in the tiny restaurant in Chicago. I plan on returning to my home one day but when I’m ready. The only problem is the owner. The more times I spend getting to know her, the more I wonder if I ever want to go back. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3 / Book 4 

Wicked Grind

Wicked Grind

Wicked Nights Book 1

It feels so damn good to be bad …

Bad boy photographer Wyatt Royce’s career is on the verge of exploding. His sexy, controversial show has everyone buzzing. All he needs is one perfect model to be his centerpiece.

Then Kelsey Draper walks in. Stunning. Vibrant. And far too fragile for a project like this. Wyatt should know—after all, he remembers only too well how their relationship ended all those years ago. 

Desperate for cash and to lose her good girl persona, Kelsey sets her sights on Wyatt’s show. But only the show. She knows all too well that Wyatt Royce is a danger to her heart.

Wyatt agrees to give her the show on one condition. He has complete control of his muse—on camera and in his bed. As business and pleasure blur, Kelsey can’t help but wonder if she’s in too deep. Could a good girl like her ever be enough for a man like Wyatt? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 2 / Book 3 

The Adulterer's Handbook

The Adulterer's Handbook

The Adulterer Series Book 1

I'm about to jump into the canal and pull her to safety when I stop at the edge of the towpath.
What if I do nothing...?
The must-read psychological thriller for 2019.
If you're having an affair and you don't want to get caught, you must read this book.
The Adulterer's Handbook is the story of a happily married man, desperately trying to prevent his wife from finding out about his affair. For months he is successful, but then things take a dark turn...
A love story, a betrayal, an accident, a murder? You decide.
Lee Bolton has it all: a wonderful wife who he adores and two lovely children. But something is missing from his marriage.
Sophia Miller, the office temptress, offers to fill the gap and they begin a carefully regulated and orchestrated affair.
Lee, delighted with his new and improved sex life, walks a tightrope of near discovery; forever trying to keep his secret safe.
But Sophia wants more. She wants it all.
Sophia starts to break the rules, and she puts Lee's marriage in jeopardy.
How far will he go to protect his family?
Would you commit murder to save your relationship?
Gripping domestic noir with a shocking twist. 

UK / Canada / Australia

Also in The Adulterer Series 

Book 2 / Book 3 / Book 4

One Night Mistake

One Night Mistake

A Second Chance Romance Book 4

A gorgeous billionaire with hot abs and a winning smile. Sounds perfect, right?
So wrong.

He’s my boss.
I knew that I shouldn’t sleep with Jaime.
I couldn’t help it.
I was supposed to redecorate his house.
But he altered my virginity instead.
It should have happened only once.
Though now, I wanted more.
I wanted to be with him.
I wanted our love to have a second chance.
I could have it all.
If someone wasn’t standing in our way.

I was carrying his secret…
Would it matter?

One Night Mistake is the fourth book in a second chance romance series. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA! 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1 / Book 2 / Book 3 

Flip A Coin

Flip A Coin

Utterly Betrayed Book 1

"If fate was a two-sided coin, I chose tails so Emily could win heads."

When Mob Boss, Olivia Dixon's twin sister Emily suddenly goes missing, Olivia is hellbent on not just rescuing her but destroying the people responsible, no matter who that ends up being.

A guilt-ridden Olivia is convinced that they've got the wrong sister. After all, Emily's life is pretty tame by comparison. Instead of working with knives and guns, she teaches five-year-old kids how to spell.

In a last ditch attempt to find her, Olivia takes her sister's place; at work, with friends and perhaps more importantly even in Emily's husband's bed. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

The Mighty Anchor

The Mighty Anchor

Rogue Academy Book 3

A stoic force to be reckoned with.
The steady rock on which England is destined to lean.
Everyone’s reliable mate, at the ready to defend when called upon.

To the world, Vance Morley is the next great keeper for the Rogue Football Club, biding his time at the academy. The definition of tall, dark and handsome, his quiet confidence and mysterious persona only draw the public in. He’s their mighty anchor, both on and off the pitch.

But when it comes to the one woman he claims to love, he conveniently vanishes at the exact moment I need him. The first time I saw Vance, he was a ten-year-old standing on his lawn across the street. The first time he kissed me, we were sixteen and sitting on the very shores we grew up on. We crashed into each other like waves in a storm, fated to destroy everything in our paths. Including each other.

The first time Vance saw our son, by serendipitous accident, my little boy had already lived the first year of his life. And instantly, the man who chose football over me wants to have it all. There is no way I can trust his declarations of love and fatherhood, especially when I’m set to marry another man.

We’re a new game, one to occupy him until the world stage beckons. But the more I try to tell myself he’s not the one, the more Vance’s efforts to win us back increase.

How can I guard my heart against seeing my son with his father?
Can Vance really sacrifice his dreams in the name of love and family?

Is there a way that everyone else’s safe harbor can finally become mine too?

UK / Canada / Australia  

The Second Coming

The Second Coming

Rogue Academy Book 1

They call him the second coming.
Of honor for British football.
Of God in an athlete’s body.
Of every English woman’s fantasy.

Jude Davies is my country’s prodigy on the pitch. More famous than the nobility in Buckingham Palace, he and his merry band of scoundrels rule the Rogue Football Academy and the London nightlife scene alike.

And now, he’s aiming his well-honed set of skills directly at me. His devilish charm is lethal, but with the tragic hand life has dealt me, distractions like him aren’t an option.

Plus, we’re only playing a game. One of convenience, where he needs me to save his reputation, and I need his money to save the one person I love.

Until he wraps me around that immoral finger.
Until I crave that reckless, wild high he provides.
Until I hope for a future that will never happen.

That’s the thing about going toe-to-toe with the next football legend. He’s faster, stronger, and will destroy me every time. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

The Lion Heart

The Lion Heart

Rogue Academy Book 2

He’s supposed to be the ruler of this kingdom.
The prince poised to take his rightful place on the pitch.
Instead, he plays the jester, shunning his legacy.
Only I am privy to his lion heart.

Kingston Phillips is the heir to England’s football dynasty. The offspring of two of the world’s greatest players, the expectations set on his shoulders could crush the universe. But the golden-haired Adonis chooses to live his life as a game; a series of nightclubs, brawls, pranks and different kit chasers parading through his sheets.

I’m the last woman he should chase, and I’ve told him so. My cheeky mouth and icy demeanor guard the secret no one can learn. But when the Casanova I’ve been avoiding becomes the bloke next door, he quickly begins to thaw the frost around my heart. Kingston shows me the ferocious, loyal, protective side of himself that no one else gets to witness.

I begin to realize that he’s just as damaged as I am.
That as much as I try to deny it, we’re the same.
And ... that might just be our undoing. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

The Unexpected Connection

The Unexpected Connection

The Unexpected series Book 4

Could an unexpected gift change your life?

They say good things come in twos but for Blair and Keeton, good things come in three. 

For as long as they’ve known each other, their weekends were occasionally a triangle of kinky fun, but come Monday morning, it goes back to business unusual. That was until they meet Faith Robinson.

Faith unleashes something within them and love blooms in a spectacular way. When the numbers start to no longer add up, things get messy, especially when Faith’s past catches up with her. Threatening to derail their new romance but their unexpected connection is what they need to overcome it all.

The Unexpected Series:

The Unexpected Connection

When it comes to love, expect the unexpected 

UK / Canada / Australia  

He's Going Down

He's Going Down

One Wild Wish Book 1

Treat yourself to the laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy Rebecca Yarros calls “Additive” and “Refreshing.”

On Rachel's twenty-seventh birthday, she wishes to finally find a rewarding job. What she doesn't wish is to drink a boatload of wine, sleep with a tattooed bad boy, and drunk email her boss in one glorious, career-ending move. Her only saving grace: she barely remembers that reckless night. 

Unfortunately, her luck has gone from bad to worse. 

Now she's competing against her infuriating one-night stand for her dream job, and he wants another taste. Fat chance, buddy. She will ignore Jimmy’s shaggy black hair and five-day scruff, because that man is going down.

Which is exactly what he offers with that dirty mouth of his. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 2 / Book 3 

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Savage Saints MC Book 8

He’s hated me for years ...

Blaming me for the death of his fiancée. 
Thinking I got away with murder. 
When I finally have the chance to prove my innocence—
and he finally looks at the evidence—
our latent attraction kindles into a blazing wildfire.
But I’m a cop.
And he belongs to a motorcycle club. 
Getting involved with him could spell disaster for me. 
When I get caught up in his lifestyle, will I choose the job I’ve always loved?
Or him? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Daddy in Disguise

Daddy in Disguise

I’m the one who isn’t pregnant. Yet…

Expanding my successful café was a no-brainer.
Sleeping with the contractor?
Well, mix some hormones, excellent coffee, and the romantic atmosphere of the movie Halloween, and naked stuff happens.
Yeah, Gideon is smokin’ hot, as shown by the photos from that pesky camera crew that’s suddenly following us around.
Say what?
Because surprise—he’s a single father, and now he’s the most eligible one in Crescent Cove.
Every horny woman in our small town wants a go at his tool…belt. 
And then we’re caught on camera—I still had my pants on, thank you—and all Hades breaks loose. 
Now the little secret he kept from me isn’t nearly as important as Gideon keeping custody of his daughter.
When that full moon rises on Halloween, I might finally be dropping my mask. And risking it all for love…and really good hammering. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

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The Billionaire's Joyous Weekend

The Billionaire's Joyous Weekend

A weekend at the cabin changes more than a few lives… 


A family Christmas at the cabin. Sounds lovely right? Except my Billionaire ex-boyfriend will also be there! Not so lovely after all!

My darling sis, also the host of our Christmas Weekend insists I DO NOT come alone! 
Going alone means listening to a nagging sister for 2 whole days!
I do not have a boyfriend... 
Going alone seems to be not an option….

Then my Ex – did I tell you he is drop-dead gorgeous?
And also A Player?
Proposes we fake being a couple-Just for the weekend!

What could possibly go wrong?


I’ve known Trish forever-Bright, Beautiful and too serious for her own good.
We dated for a while but she ended it. 
Like I said she's too serious…

Anyway, as our families are friends and I’m so darn charming we stayed on friendly terms.
Since I will also be going to the cabin this Christmas…
And as a friendly gesture, I decided to help Trish out.
Save her from a weekend of hell from her nosy (but adorable) sister.
I would save her by going as her Boy Friend!

Turns out I was the one being saved… 

UK / Canada / Australia 

My Boss's Sister

My Boss's Sister

I catch her hands in mine and pin them up above her head, looking into her eyes. 
“I’m in charge tonight. I’ve been thinking about this far more than I should, and I have to get you out of my system.”

Messing around with your best friend’s little sister is one thing.
Messing around with the boss’s sister who also happens to be your best friend is another thing.
Getting her pregnant? 
That’s the kind of ‘OOPS’ you don’t come back from.

Look, you don’t need to tell me I’m making the mistake of a lifetime, breaking bro-code and setting myself up to be castrated,

But it wasn’t my fault!

Let me explain…

I begged my boss not to hire her as my assistant.

I tortured her, made ridiculous demands, threw her desk out into the hallway, 

I even fired her…TWICE, but she wouldn’t go away.

A man can only take so much sweet, delicious temptation,

And Valerie Windsor is my kryptonite. 

Our childhood spats were one thing

But that mouthy attitude coming out of a very grown and fierce woman whose only goal is to make me suffer…
It was like gasoline on a fire.

Keeping our hookups, a secret wasn’t that hard, hell it was even exciting,

But how the hell am I supposed to hide the fact that I’m head over heels for her and that my boss is about to be an uncle? 

UK / Canada / Australia  

His Fake GF

His Fake GF

Aaron Patterson.
Cold. Controlling. Domineering jerk.
CEO of our rival company.
...And my new fake boyfriend.

The first time we met, he gave me nothing but a fake name. 
And a promise of what he would do to me when he got me alone.
It could have been great. 
But an urgent call forced me to leave. 
Dressed, alone, without hope of getting naked with the hot stranger. 

The next time I see him is on my turf.
He’s sizing me up and threatening to buy out my family business.
I’m so mad—but I’ll be damned if I let him intimidate me.
I’m a New York girl.
Top of her game.
Extremely competitive. 
... And heir to a failing advertising company.

So, when he asks me to be his date at public functions, I accept.
Anything to get the goods on him. 
The rules are clear.
No sex. 
No falling in love.
And no trying to buy out the family business.

I know I’m playing a dangerous game.
So does he.
The battle. The closeness. The longing for more. 
I’m in big trouble. 
Falling for him wasn’t part of the arrangement.
As much as my mind protests, my body decides it doesn’t give a damn.
I’m screwed … What happens to my heart when this is over? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

One Complicated Christmas

One Complicated Christmas

What’s a girl to do when she needs to bury the memories of her past?

Apparently, book a room at a cozy Vermont inn for Christmas…as if that’s going to fix years of pining for the one that got away. It doesn’t matter. This holiday getaway is exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m ready to close that heartbreaking chapter in my life for good and start the new year with a bang. 

It should be easy. 

Except there’s one problem—Joe Parker—with that killer smile and those drown-in-me brown eyes. The man who was supposed to be my forever, but instead left my heart shattered and in disarray.

He’s here. In this wintry hamlet. Daring me to risk everything for him. Again.

I came to this small town looking to leave the past behind me, not get reacquainted with an old flame. And yet, one kiss, and I’m consumed by feelings—heart, mind, and soul. He still makes me tingle in all the right places.

Denial is a powerful tool, but how long can I fight falling for him all over again? 

Can I trust him enough to give us another shot? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Babydaddy To Go

Babydaddy To Go

The gorgeous chef is possessive and utterly male, with broad, sculpted shoulders, perfect lips, and an enormous rolling pin at his disposal.

Nate Glover is a celebrity chef with magic hands and a charming smile that makes his female audience swoon. Not only that but the handsome alpha male has chiseled abs; muscles carved from wood; and a heavy, meaty rolling pin.

Not that I’m complaining.

But the problem is that I’m his student. I’m little more than a servant, come to think of it. Chop this up, he commands. Dice that, he asserts. Massage this dough, he growls.


On it, sir.

Unfortunately, the gorgeous Chef Nate hates my guts. I mean, hates with a passion. He would rather serve up rotten food to his customers than teach me the finer points of cooking ...

…. except one day when he catches me alone in the kitchen.

Soon, we’re looking for dark, private spaces together when we should be whipping up meals.

Instead of making food, we’re making magic.

But what happens when this chef puts a bun in my oven? 

Will he stay, or will he become a babydaddy to go? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Maid to the Mafia

Maid to the Mafia

Totally Captivated: Book One

“I’ll do anything. Cooking, cleaning, even making coffee. I’m good at making coffee.”

Upon uttering the word coffee, Jenny Stone, the smart, resilient, and sharp-tongued girl somehow finds herself paying off her father’s debt by working as a maid to the mafia boss, Giovanni Dente, the obsessive-compulsive coffee drinker with movie star good looks.

And this is just the beginning of Jenny’s new life.

Between serving the man his brew at ungodly hours and doing his dirty work, she also has to attend college, ace her exams, and find a way to contact her father and sister who have abandoned her.

But within the intricate web Giovanni binds around her, when it comes time for her to leave, she isn’t sure if she can make it out alive, especially when somewhere along the way, she realizes her heart is totally captivated.

Note: Maid to the Mafia is a lighthearted romantic comedy mafia romance series. This first book ends in a cliffhanger. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 2 

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Saving Natalie

Saving Natalie

Stormborn Security Services Series

Natalie’s wavy black hair undulating around her soft face always captivates my attention.

I couldn’t resist her. I craved her. I needed her.

Her demeanor of late told me there was something terribly wrong. 

Those gorgeous eyes now had painful secrets buried beneath the surface, and I couldn’t bear to see her like that.

When I saw the bruises, I knew I had to find out what’s really going on before it was too late.


A fresh warm wind blows Carter into my life like a dream from far away.

His huge arms, broad shoulders, and thick gorgeous hair give him a powerful, commanding air, but he’s a big softy with a smile that could brighten anyone's day.

I can tell this hot charmer is used to getting what he wants, and nothing on God’s green Earth could stop him once he puts his mind to something.

I study him while I served his drinks, but he always seems to raise more questions than he answers for me.

I just hope he doesn’t come to find out what’s really going on around this place or he will wish he never found me. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Saving Jade

Saving Jade

Stormborn Security Services

I spent years asserting my independence and making my own way,
but when some guys try and rough me up, my father thinks I need to have protection.

I can’t stand the thought of some hired muscle hovering around me, following my every move and reporting it back to father.

That’s when Logan walks into my art gallery. 

I think my lucky day has finally arrived.

But as it turns out, he is the one working with the enemy: my dad.

If father knew what his bodyguard wanted to do to me when we were alone, would he still have hired him?

As the threats keep coming I start to wonder if Logan is really my protector or the person I need protection from?

Saving Jade is my first stand-alone novel in the new Stormborn Security Services series. It comes with a guaranteed HEA and a healthy dishing of steam. Adults only! 

UK / Canada / Australia

Saving Keira

Saving Keira

Stormborn Security Services

Only a fool would go near a woman like her.

This sexy, smart, young billionaire CEO could have any man she wanted.

She was the kind of woman that could bring most men to their knees anytime she wanted too.

But she wasn't like that.

I expected this lady I was assigned to protect to be much older, and a lot less attractive to tell you the truth.

Unfortunately, being her personal bodyguard now doesn’t allow me to just sit around and ogle her all day.

Besides, that fiery attitude she carries around with her is really starting to piss me off. 

No amount of time in the SEALS could initially prepare me for this pain in the a** client.

If I don’t get this situation under control soon, I feel like we’ll both end up in the morgue.

Saving Keira is a stand-alone novel in the new Stormborn Security Services series that can be read in any order. It comes with a guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers and a healthy dishing of steam. Adults only! 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Saving Destiny

Saving Destiny

Stormborn Security Services

Being in the spotlight has made me a target.

As a famous singer, I have grown accustomed to the scrutiny and the pressure of it all though.

But this time the people chasing me are wanting much more than just an autograph.

Now I must place my trust in a hot new bodyguard whom I hardly even know.

The moment I met Theo you could cut the sexual tension with a chainsaw.

I saw that hunger in his eyes, and I’m sure he saw mine.

But can he be trusted when I need him the most? 

Or at the end of the day, am I just a paycheque to him?

Saving Destiny is my first stand-alone novel in the new Stormborn Security Services series. It comes with a guaranteed HEA and a healthy dishing of steam. Adults only!



A Best Friends to Lovers Standalone

What happens when an almost thirty-year-old virgin agrees to let her Scottish footballer best friend give her some lessons in seduction? 

Lots of banter, awkwardness, jealousy, and heat. 

Midfielder Maclay “Mac” Logan is a loud-mouthed, tattooed ginger content with focusing on football. But when an adorable, freckled seamstress comes barreling into his life, he finds Netflix-And-Bickering with her to be his new favorite pastime. 

Freya Cook is used to being the invisible woman with a needle and thread, offering cheeky punchlines as she helps dress London’s finest. She’s plus-sized in body and spirit, and other than her friendship with Mac, talking to the opposite sex is one skill she never mastered. 

However, after one innocent game of Never Have I Ever, Mac offers to play Love Coach for Freya. 

What neither of them see coming are the feelings that develop when the clothes come off. 

Now they’re both about to learn the biggest lesson of all: Don't fall in love with your best friend. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

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Bad Boy Romance Collection

Bad Boy Romance Collection

WARNING: Bad Boy Alpha are addictive.

These Alpha males are possessive, bossy & dirty. 
Their women give as good as they get.
If you don't love dirty alphas, this series isn't for you.

The Bad Boy Collection contains the three books in this series. If you like fast-paced, sexy mafia romance full of bossy alphas, you'll love this bestselling series.

Find out why readers have fallen in love with author Ellen Hutton's alpha guys.
Buy the boxset to get three books you won't want to put down. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

The Secret

The Secret

All In Series Book 2

A tantalizing PR guru who loves the game. A former basketball star now known as The Negotiator.

Meg Grail goes for the guys she knows she can play with…it's easier than dealing with her past. Then she meets Collin Corwin, a sports agent who doesn’t compromise—and always gets the better end of the deal. Soon, a business meeting turns into a fiery, undeniable attraction.

The only problem: Collin has a rule about dating his client’s exes. And as it turns out, one of his clients is still head over heels for Meg.

Meg doesn’t take no for an answer, and she’s the queen of tease. She convinces Collin that they can be together and keep their trysts a secret. But secrets are hard to keep, especially when you have a dark past to contend with. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1

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Hollywood and Ivy

Hollywood and Ivy

A Second Chance for the Rich and Famous Book 2

He's got a million fans, but I'm not one of them.

Sure, I’ve watched every movie he’s starred in.

And yes, I read all the tabloids he’s on the cover of.

But that’s only because it was my job as a gossip blogger.

I stopped actually caring about him the night he stood me up for our high school prom.

So when he shows up at the bed-and-breakfast where I’m filling in, I make sure he knows I won’t treat him like royalty just because he’s famous now.

Because I can see through the facade he has his fans believing.

Only, meeting him again isn’t what I expected.

He’s not as full of himself as I thought an A-list star would be.

And when he asks if we can start over, I find myself falling for his charm.

But it could just be a part of his act.

Giving him a second chance would be stupid, right? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

The Billionaire Bachelor

The Billionaire Bachelor

A Second Chance for the Rich and Famous Book 1

He's supposed to propose to someone else, but a stolen kiss with his best friend's sister is proving hard to forget.

Billionaire Drew Burrows had high hopes of finding love as the bachelor on a reality TV show. Instead, he's sent home with a "girlfriend" he doesn't really like. When his best friend's little sister is hired by the show, he realizes his girlfriend doesn't stand a chance because his feelings for Kate didn't disappear when she became someone else's wife.

Kate Dawson has two goals: get her screenplays on the big screen and keep her divorce a secret. So when her new boss insists that she push Drew towards an engagement, she promises to do her best. But she soon discovers that working closely with Drew brings back powerful memories of a fateful night seven years ago that started with a stolen kiss and ended in heartbreak. 

With the world watching and the paparazzi around every corner, Drew and Kate must decide whether to follow the rules or allow their hearts to finally have their way. 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Fake Wedding

Fake Wedding

Billionaire, Fake Marriage, Friends To Lovers Boxset

This boxset includes,

Book 2 – The Stronghold

Book 1- The Arrangement – 
With the Christmas season almost upon them, renowned musician Ramiro and his girlfriend Carmen are busy at work planning his return into the music scene. Just when everything had been going according to plan, the ever-impulsive Ramiro makes a promise in the spirit of the season that would be difficult to fulfill under any circumstances, let alone his own complicated one. With Carmen’s help, Ramiro dreams of overcoming all obstacles and finally becoming the kind of musician he always wanted to be. However, when something unexpected happens, Carmen must keep a secret from Ramiro that has the potential to nip his dream at the bud. 
Will Carmen place her trust in Ramiro just as he has? 
Or will their plans hit a dead wall?

Book2- The Stronghold
What began as an arrangement of convenience turns into a passionate love for the ages, Sasha could hardly believe how drastically her life changed ever since she agreed to her friend Eric’s proposition. However, just as she has her own demons to battle, so does Eric. With a dark secret that he can’t bring himself to tell the world and a heavy burden of guilt resting on his shoulders, Eric is prepared to throw away their love if it means that Sasha will be safe. 
Can Eric forget Sasha and move on? 
Or will he find the courage to face his past and hold on to the precious love he has found?

Marry Matthew

Marry Matthew

One fateful night Mary’s life spins out of control leaving her with nothing but regrets and a broken heart. She soon realises however, that the love she was searching for had been a lie and she must now decide whether to continue or give up on love entirely. 
When she meets Matthew, the fierceness and swiftness of their love staggers her and causes nothing but doubt. 
After making the decision she thinks is most rational, the outcome is worse than she ever thought it could have been. In an attempt to rescue the love she had so carelessly given up, she must convince Matthew she still loves him. 
The only issue is that she finds out that their love might have led to the most wonderful surprise; the only question now is if he will accept her back into his heart after she hurt him.