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The Perfect Fake

The Perfect Fake

Escaping The Camorra Mafia Book 1

He's a successful billionaire with a secret.

She's a skilled artist and will stop at nothing to save her father from dying in prison.

Caught between the mob and his conscience, he vows to break the grip they have on his family. He is desperate to find a painter to perfectly reproduce a priceless piece. 

But nothing is picture-perfect. 

The mob is watching their every move. Can he trust her? Can she trust him?

To convince the mafia their relationship is real, they sign the paperwork and get married. For days, she paints, and he watches her create the perfect fake. 


Something changes between them. Now, he’s driven to protect her from the mob’s deadly grip.

Can they pull off conning the mafia? Is everything about their arrangement just fake, or is there something more? / / 

Mystic Valley Alpha Cowboy

Mystic Valley Alpha Cowboy

My Daddy lied! He was a billionaire!

After finishing art school, Daddy said he was broke and arranged to send me to Montana to marry a rancher who was much older than I.

I convinced myself I’d be all right and went along with Daddy’s plan. Until I saw the rough, tough cowboy come galloping up to the gates of Mystic Ranch to meet me. 

Craning my neck to look up at him, I stood frozen to the spot. I blushed to the deepest red when his glacier blue eyes looked me up and down.

His hand was warm and big, as he clutched mine hoisting me up to straddle his mighty steed. 

I trembled when I was told to circle my arms around his waist. I could feel the rugged muscles under his denim shirt causing a shock to run down my spine. I bounced a little with every gallop as we rode away as one.

I shook my head in silent disbelieve. He wasn’t old or disgusting…in fact he was quite the opposite. Why did a man like Clyde need a mail order bride? What had Daddy done to me? 

****Steamy, Adult Romance**** / / 

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Bad Apple

Bad Apple

A flirty standalone novel* from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy!

One night with him will change her life...

Between her waitressing job, volunteer work, and college classes, there are never enough hours in Maggie Reilly’s day. Especially not for a relationship. Luckily, she’s got the perfect arrangement: a lover she meets three or four times a year. But when she shows up at the hotel expecting to hop into bed with one man, she accidentally ends up with another—Ben Barrett, Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy.

Ben, determined to lay low after another scandal, just wants some much-needed sleep. What he gets is a scorching make-out session with a gorgeous, naked redhead. He won’t accept her apology, but what he will accept is a place to hide out…and if there’s some hot, no-strings sex involved, why the heck not?

But Ben soon discovers that one week with his sassy, bed-hopping waitress is definitely not enough. He wants more. A lot more.

Now he needs to convince relationship-averse Maggie that a bad boy might be oh so good for her—and the best thing that’s ever happened to both of them. / / 

Take Me Now

Take Me Now

The Knight Brothers Book 5

He acts like he barely knows her.

But she knows he’s the one.

Matt Banks was ready to tell Harper Sanders that he loved her, that he’d always loved her and that even though they were young, she was his forever girl.

Then her brother stepped in, wanting more for his sister than a garage owner. Too young to stand up for himself, Matt made her brother a promise that he’s regretted every day since.

After years of being ignored by the guy she’s always loved, Harper is on a dating binge. No one is Matt, but a girl can keep on trying. Then she gets stranded on the side of the road, and she has no choice but to call the only mechanic in town.

Matt comes to her rescue, and then to her bed. It’s an idyllic, passion-filled weekend—but there’s still the matter of his promise. And a man’s word is his bond.

The Knight Brothers
Book 1: Take Me Again
Book 2:: Take The Bride
Book 3: Take Me Down / / 



Iron Orchids Book 1

Some things in life were inevitable; death, taxes, and lying, whoremongering men.
One woman would never be enough for one man.
So I traded in men for a Harley.
Nothing beats that kind of power between my legs.
Then I blinked.
And he was there.

Some things in life were inevitable; death, taxes, and badge bunnies willing to hop into my bed.
The only problem is I’m a one woman kind of man.
In my line of work, I’ve seen it all.
Nothing bothers me until I find a woman’s wrecked body.
When she blinked,
My world changed.
Forever doesn't come close to giving me enough of her. / / 

House of Stars Box Set

House of Stars Box Set

From the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas showgirl's whirlwind life and their billionaire boyfriends, here are three stories from backstage.

"The Billionaire's Pool Girl" 
She’s completely off-limits.
But I can’t turn my eyes away.
I’d been a player all my life.
That is, until she came along.
Gemma Johnston…..
Her curves, and her deep brown eyes.
One-night stands have become a thing of the past.
She’s all I care about now.
But she’s innocent.
She’s my pool girl.
And way younger.
I’m the last man she should be with.
At the same time, though…
I’m the only man who’d do anything for her.
Especially now that she works for me.
Ill do whatever it takes to make her mine.

"Big Hammer" continues with Taylor from book-1 
who's a firecracker showgirl with soft lips and sweet curves but when tough as nails Brandon comes back into her life, he's not going to fall so easily again. But as he watches her dance from the shadows something deep inside him stirs. Pretty little Taylor is about to get a taste of how a real man claims his woman. I have a lot of tools in my tool chest. I carry a big hammer and…. …I know how to use it

Book-3 "Forever Bound" 
In this Secret Baby Romance, Zinzy a former Vegas showgirl turned choreographer for House of Stars, sees the young dancers with their blossoming careers ahead of them and reminisces about whether the decisions she made twenty years ago about her baby were the right ones when in walks her would-have-been baby daddy and the sparks fly as they work it out! / / 

Her Mountain Hero

Her Mountain Hero

Pregnant with my brother’s best friend…

At twenty-one I gave my v-card to my brother’s best friend, hot billionaire Mitch Sloane
And then he broke my heart
Nine years later, he “saves” me from being stranded in the mountains 
He’s off limits but the attraction is too strong to deny. 
I let him touch me with those strong hands and play with me like he owns me.
It was supposed to just one month
No strings
No love
No one would ever know our secret
But you know what they say about best laid plans…
Six weeks later my heart is broken,
My brother is pissed
And I’m staring at positive pregnancy test

Can we let go of old betrayals and take a second chance on love ever after? 

UK / Canada / Australia 

Curvy Delights

Curvy Delights

Billionaire Romance Box Set

3 Alpha Billionaires. 3 sassy Curvy Girls. 3 steamy, unforgettable, BBW love stories. 

Yes, a Curvy Girl can win the heart of a hot rich boy! These outspoken Curvy Girls get their HEA. They will make you laugh out loud and cry as you turn each page.

Curvy Attraction 
Bethany-Girl next door funny curvy girl, religious, a virgin with an unstoppable mouth!
Tristan-An older rich boy with a God like complex. Chiselled and hot! Despite their differences they find themselves being pulled together. But a bomb is dropped by Tristen’s sister that might threaten their HEA….

Curvy Indulgence 
Blake-Tall, dark and bad! This play boy billionaire finds himself becoming intrigued by Curvy Kira. He has hired her to plan his brother’s mega wedding. Kira is a successful business woman with a mouth she can’t control-witty and funny, she can’t help it! She’s confused why an eligible bachelor like Blake would want her? Can she trust him with her heart? And will she be able to pull off this over-the-top, celebrity filled wedding in just a few weeks? 

Curvy Dilemma 
Logan-Billionaire, is back in town looking for a second chance with his Best friend’s little sister, Amber. He deserted her years ago when she needed him the most. Can she trust him again? And should she accept the baggage he has come back with? A kid and an ex-wife! Amber is still holding her v-card, waiting for Mr. Right. 
Can Logan be that Mr. Right? 
Should he be her Mr. Right?

3 Standalone stories. No cheating, no cliff-hangers and guaranteed happily-ever-afters. 

USA / UK / Canada / Australia 

All For Her

All For Her

She hates me and I know it but that doesn’t stop me from wanting her.

I was her protector.
She trusted me and I screwed her over.
I should not have touched her. 
My orders were to keep her safe. 
Not wake up in her bed.

My son is the secret they tried to destroy. 
I uprooted my whole life to keep us safe.
Being protected by a man I hate is just part of the package.
I know he’s watching even if I can’t see him.
While we are safe for now, my heart is always at risk around him. / / 

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker

A Reverse Harem Rockstar Groupie Romance

Hey, groupie, let’s go backstage.
We want to give you a private performance.

When my best friend drags me out to a local rock show, 
I’m expecting a night of booze and awful music.
But I end up finding an electric connection with four rock stars!
I never thought I’d fall so hard, so fast.
And I know I could never choose between them.
It turns out I might not have to.
Because they all want to play my body like it’s their newest hit.
Will I be able to take all four of the band members’ big pieces of equipment at once?
And can they handle sharing my curves?

Or will fighting over my body and heart break up the band? / / 

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

Forever Daddies Book 4

Shhh….Should I tell you a secret?
My boss wants to be my sugar daddy!
And I am totally excited.
Another secret?
I’m still holding on to my V-card.
I know it’s wrong,
But the charismatic man in a luxuriously tailored suit makes dirty sound so good.
I want to be his little princess,
Submit to his every demand.
He’s rough, grouchy and mean,  
And then there’s a ten years age gap,
But who cares?
It’s just six months, right?
No strings attached.
I have five million reasons to stay in this arrangement,
And only one to walk out.
I am carrying his baby. / / 

Best Friend's Daddy

Best Friend's Daddy

Forever Daddies Book 3

I know it’s so wrong, but my best friend needs to know.
So, how do we say it?
Hey, I’m pregnant with your father’s child! You’re gonna be a big sister! Yay!!!

No, this can’t happen.
She can’t know. No one can know.

I always understood he was off limits,
But I couldn’t imagine my life without him.
In fact, I saved myself for him!
And working at his restaurant was…fun.
My ‘let’s seduce Michael plan’ was working, 
And soon he was feeding me chocolate covered strawberries,
And I was tasting whipped cream off of his lips and…you know what…
But we screwed up…big time!

So, time for Plan B now.
Yep, when shit hits the fan, I do the easy thing and run away.
Will my Prince Charming come after me?
Or did I just ruin my only chance at a happily ever after? / / 

Monday, 26 August 2019

One Hot Night

One Hot Night

“You’re trouble, you know that?”

Fire captain Cameron McClain thinks I’m the meddlesome one, but he’s the instigator. His rugged good looks and confident sense of humor should be illegal. Not to mention his dimples. 

They’re partially to blame for why I leave this party and follow him back to his room. I knew we had chemistry, but from the second his lips meet mine, my body catches on fire. All it takes is one touch and the attraction between us combusts into an undeniable heat.

One hot night. That’s all we were meant to be. But now that I know how good we are together, how can I stay away?

One Hot Night is a prequel to Caught in the Lies. / /  

Wrong Number Text

Wrong Number Text

Love in Brazen Bay Book 1

So wrong it's right…
When grumpy firefighter Leo finally answers the wrong number text he's been getting for several days, he has no idea pixels on a screen could be so hot—or make him want things he's never wanted before.
Dixie has always been quiet, shy, and reserved. Until she "meets" Leo. He's got the once shy librarian shedding her inhibitions and growing her confidence in their texts and calls—and it even starts spilling out into her everyday life. Part of her revels in her secret life—but part of her secretly wishes for more.
They never share more than first names, but each texting encounter gets hotter and hotter—and more intimate than either of them ever imagined. But you can't trust a stranger on the phone. Not really. You can't ache for something you've never had. And you certainly can't fall in love with someone you've never even met, can you? / / 

Book 2 / Book 3 

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff

Love in Brazen Bay Book 2

After being cleaned out by her bigamist embezzling husband, socially awkward academic Tru Stanhope finds herself with one remaining asset: a dive bar in the podunk town of  Brazen Bay. Well, half a bar. The other half is owned by the infuriatingly hot Nash McKendrick. He doesn’t want to sell and he really doesn’t want his once silent business partner to have anything to do with his one true love--the pub.
Nash liked his solitary life just fine before highbrow and pretentious Tru brought trouble, and her little yappy dog, to darken his door. She may be intellectual, but she knows nothing about the real world and shockingly less about men. He’s pretty sure he can handle the mousy little scholar, he just needs to figure out what makes her tick. She’s just a woman, after all. And women tend to fall all over themselves around him. He’ll just lay on the charm, sweet talk her into doing what he wants, and send her on her way to a life better suited for her so he can get back to his.
But Tru has different ideas. She’s tired of the sheltered life she’s lived until now. She wants to experience real passion, a real career, and a real purpose in life. And she’s decided Nash is going to help her with all three. / / 

Book 1 / Book 3 

So Wrong It's Right

So Wrong It's Right

Love in Brazen Bay Book 3

What would you do if the boyfriend you totally made up to get your sister off your back showed up at your place of employment?
Free-spirited Stella Stone has always been the wild child in her family, but even she is surprised at the amount of trouble she's found herself in this time.
Christopher Lockwood was a random name she chose from the internet. How was she supposed to know he would end taking a temporary position in the veterinary office she manages? Now she somehow has to keep the uptight, tie-wearing, self-contained Christopher from figuring out that the whole town thinks they are dating, and somehow also keep the whole town from figuring out she's a pathetic liar with a fake boyfriend.
Oh, and it doesn't help that he's a major hottie under those Clark Kent glasses and stern demeanor. In fact, something about his need for control brings out Stella's inner brat, especially when he decides she needs a little discipline.
Too bad there's no such thing as a secret in Brazen Bay. Not for very long. / / 

Book 1 / Book 2 

Unmistaken Identity

Unmistaken Identity

Fanboys Book 1

Is he a superhero...or supervillain?

Mara Baranski is living the fangirl’s dream, running a comic book shop that supports her and her ailing mother. She is even given the chance to buy the building—for a dollar. That is, until her dear friend and landlord dies before the sale goes through. Now Mara has forty-five days to clear out her shop or convince the resentful son of the old owner to change his mind—if she can only corner him long enough to ask.

Despite being abandoned by his father years ago, Wesley inherited all of his dad’s assets and ambition—but not his gullibility. When the tantalizing woman at his nightclub turns out to be the woman who scammed his lonely father, he seizes the chance for a little revenge. But after using a fake name to get close to his target, Wes is soon coming up with excuses to keep his identity secret a little longer.

As the forty-five days count down, Mara’s loyal customers swoop in to help save her store. Even more, her handsome new boyfriend is making her believe in happy endings again. Too bad secret identities only last forever in comic books. / / 

Book 2 / Book 3 

Mister Sugar

Mister Sugar

Behind every lie hides a terrible truth.

Wealthy, handsome, recently widowed. Mister Sugar was a perfect target for someone like Angel, who would do anything to get hold of his money. 

But Mister Sugar isn't the easy prey Angel thought him to be. There's another side to him that's far from sweet.


He's been looking for someone like Angel for a long time. 

A new toy. 

She should have run when he gave her the chance. Now it's too late. 

Mister Sugar is a dark romance that features mature themes and intense sexual situations, abuse, and violence. Reader discretion is advised. / / 

Hot Alpha Nights

Hot Alpha Nights

A Steamy PNR Shifter and Fantasy Romance Collection

Something about him is out of this world.

My parents have always sheltered me.
They never let me date.
So needless to say, I'm untouched.
On one rebellious night, I meet Stellan.
He's strong, charming and super hot.
And he wants to claim me for my very first time.
Soon, though, I realize that things aren't all what they seem.
Maybe Stellan isn't just a man.

Is he hiding something from me?
And will being with him reveal things I never knew about myself?

Hot Alpha Nights is a box set of paranormal romance containing the following books featuring hot alpha wolf shifters and the curvy, feisty women they fall for: The Spell of Three: Luck’s Hollow Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance, Alpha’s Birthday Virgin: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance, and Sold To The Wolves: Paranormal Ménage Romance. / / 

The Calling

The Calling

The Descendants Series Book 2

She was given a second chance to prove that she could fall in line, but with her lack of power, that would be impossible. 

Rayah's entire life, she'd always been different from everyone else, and in Lytonia, being different was treated as a crime, but in her case, she was granted a pass. 

In only a few months, she had to present her abilities to the council and prove to them that she was worthy of walking the halls of Monroe Academy, but Artemis, her tormentor and superior officer, would stop at nothing to keep her from excelling. Being powerless and not proving herself meant that she would be transitioned into a slave, and Artemis would become her master.

What Rayah realized was that she wasn't as powerless as she thought. For weeks she had been able to do things that only the elite lighters could do, and even though this meant that she was strong, it made her more different than she could have ever imagined. Rayah went from being weak to possibly being as strong as a Gods Daughter, and she couldn’t tell anyone. 

The standard colors of a Lytonians powers are white, royal blue, and turquoise blue. 

Hers were black…

Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the second installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn't accept the weak...or the defective. / /   

Book 1

The Billionaire’s Surprise Heir

The Billionaire’s Surprise Heir


The last few weeks of college were spent with Bad Boy Calvin Luca. Tall, Dreamy totally irresistible
…every girls dream drool…

He said he couldn’t resist my red hair that I drove him crazy.

But then he walked out of my life.

Now after years of silence he’s back asking for a second chance.

Sure, he’s a filthy rich Italian stallion that any girl would want to hook….
But me, I’m not so sure…


Because I have a secret that will blow his mind!
And I’m keeping it to myself. Yes… I am…


Every redhead turns my head. It’s my greatest weakness.


Tiffany…that was her name, a redhead hottie from my college days-drove me nuts!

Imagine my shock when I meet up with her again on a blind date!

Now, I’m not the kinda guy to go on blind dates, but I’m glad I did.

This woman rocks my boat and now she’s in my life again I won’t let her go.

Yet, she always pushes me away.

Talk about a she-devil in disguise. She’s dodging me and lying too.

What game is she playing?

I WILL find out, even if it means stalking her!

Will Tiffany’s secret blow up in her face and destroy her Happy Ever After?
-with the only man she has ever loved…. / / 

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South Side Boys Book 1

I’m Damaged. Dark. Haunted.

A shell of a man with no hope for a future.

Annabelle Locke is Innocent and pure.

Is she my cure?

A bright light of hope in my cold world?

She’s everything I want and everything I don’t deserve.

I thought I could have a taste and walk away.

Now the shadows from my past have returned and I’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Even if that means I have to lose her forever.

She can’t know the secrets from my past.

She can’t know the truth of who I really am.

Or what I’ve done.

But maybe it’s too late…

Dive into this steamy, passionate bad boy romance today! This is book 1 in the South Side Boys series. It is a stand-alone novel with no cheating, plenty of steam and an HEA 

UK /Canada / Australia

Book 2

Love Affair with the Billionaire's Brother

Love Affair with the Billionaire's Brother

Kaelyn Owens hasn’t had it easy. First, raising a special needs daughter, alone. Then, having her parents pass away. And now, both her and her daughter’s lives are being threatened. All she wants is a normal life.

Alexei Testova once ran the Bratva. But when he realized just how ruthless his uncle was, he bolted. Now, he must protect possibly the only person other than his brother that he has ever loved. She’s in danger because of him. And he wouldn’t survive if she didn’t.

Can Alexei be the hero Kaelyn needs? Can Kaelyn keep her emotions under control and be the strong mother she knows she is? Will the billionaire’s brother get his happy ending? Find out in the sequel to Love Affair with the Billionaire. / / 

Forbidden Lessons

Forbidden Lessons

McKinley Clarke just wanted to finish college. Two semesters away, she can practically see the finish line.
Knight Ramsay just wanted to get along at his new job. The youngest professor at the school, he has a lot to prove.
When these two meet by chance one night, and their passion ignites, both are left feeling breathless.
But when McKinley walks into her chemistry class on the first day, she's more than shocked to see Knight... as her professor.
Can these two overcome the insurmountable obstacles and be together, even though it feels like the entire world is trying to keep them apart? / / 



A Secret Baby Sports Romance

Lucas Dennison is the bad boy quarterback for the Winton Warriors. Blond, blue-eyed, and built like a Greek god, he can have any girl he wants—and does. When he spies the shy, nerdy brunette looking out of place at a Friday night house party, he decides he simply must have her.

Amanda Kates has no idea why she agreed to attend the party. She has no idea why she drank more than she should have, and especially no idea why she thought losing her virginity to the hulking, flirtatious stranger was a good idea.

Especially once she finds out she’s pregnant.

With Lucas’ dream job on the line—a lucrative contract with the professional team he idolized growing up—fame, fortune, and more women than he could know what to do with are at his fingertips. Can Lucas change his party boy ways, settling down to raise a family? 
Does he even want to? / / 

Saturday, 24 August 2019

The Dating Game

The Dating Game

As a best-selling author Rita Davies has the world at her feet, but there is one thing missing.
All Rita wants is a man and she is determined to go to great lengths to find one. Even if that includes auctioning herself off at a charity fundraiser.
The only single one in her group, Rita is desperate for a plus one so she can Netflix and chill with because her tubs of ice cream just aren’t doing it for her no more.
Rita is quirky, flirty and, at times, downright dirty.
Follow Rita on her writing journey then decide which path she should take. / / 

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Her Wolf Protectors

Her Wolf Protectors

Getting Involved With Two Wolf Shifting Bikers Is Going To Make Life A Lot More Complicated.

I had never known loss until recently and I was still coming to terms with my estranged father’s demise. 

Coming home for the funeral is going to help me uncover who the man really was. 

Meeting Dalton and Jason are going to come at the right time when I’m vulnerable to their seduction. 

Their biker attitude and rough around the edge appearance is irresistible. 

What they need to protect me from is not exactly what it appears with far-reaching implications. 

They’re not what they seem. 

Nothing I’ve known so far is.

What happens when I learn the truth about them?

Can I possibly survive with my life, and heart, intact?

Her Wolf Protectors is a standalone paranormal shifter MFM romance with a HEA and NO cheating! / / 

Fall of Adonis

Fall of Adonis

Love in the Shadows Book 2

Adam has spent his life trying to be the perfect man, and succeeding as his nickname of ‘Adonis’ implies. But a woman seeking help to live crashes into his life and has him questioning everything. Nearly losing her mother forces Evie to change everything. Desperate to become healthy she goes to Adam’s fitness center. Losing weight and gaining her health was the plan, but what happens when she loses her heart and causes the Fall of Adonis? / / 

Book 1

Sweetest Obsessions

Sweetest Obsessions

A Contemporary Romance Boxed Set Collection

25 tempting romances from Sweet to Hot to downright Steamy!

Whether your obsession is Alphas, Bad Boys, Friends (or Enemies) to Lovers, or Second Chance Romance, we’ll feed your addiction with 25 drool-worthy heroes in this sizzling collection.

Escape into tales of intrigue, passion, desire, illicit temptations, secret crushes, friendships, love triangles, forbidden royals, and intimate trysts. All while meeting hot bosses, sexy Texans, heart racing musicians, steamy cops, sweetheart restaurant managers, and so much more.

You’re sure to find a romance to obsess over as you devour these sweet and scorching pages. Enjoy your favorite authors and gain some new ones in this collection of over twenty mouthwatering stories. Which one will be your sweetest obsession?

Don’t deny your sweet desires. Scroll up and one click to secure your copy today! / / 

My Bucket List Box Set

My Bucket List Box Set

RAISE THE HEAT! Ten incredibly hot and funny experiences. Pretty much all you need in one steamy dirty little romance package. 

My Bucket List Box Set

Do you ever just get bored with life? I did. I started realizing one day that I'd fallen into a monotonous routine of work, work, work, without any joy, and it was beginning to take its toll on me. 

My love life had flatlined over the past several months, and I was realizing that my best years were slipping through my fingers. And that's when the idea of a bucket list hit know, writing down the stuff you want to do before you keel over, so you can carefully schedule some fun within the otherwise nonstop misery of your existence on this Earth. And I started to develop my own sort of list, only it was a bit dirtier in nature than you might otherwise encounter... 

Things I'd only ever dreamed of trying, but that I now planned to pursue with vigor. New positions, new techniques, new people, other women, multiple men etc... My humdrum life was about to get a lot more interesting...

This eBook is not intended for under eighteen. / / 

Play With Me

Play With Me

Diamond In The Rough Book 1


Clinton Clarke has everything a high school boy could want. A motorcycle between his legs. Cheerleaders on each knee. A posse behind him students and teachers alike are done fussing with. He rules the school, and everyone in it.

Except for one person. Rae Cleaver.

He's determined to make her life a living nightmare. Only because he can.

He's determined to have everyone in that school afraid of him. 

He's determined to prove he's not the one to be messed with.

When he says jump, everyone in that school should ask him how high. 

He's determined to get under her skin.

The only issue? She's about to wiggle her way under his.

PLAY WITH ME is a full-lenght novel, 90k words, and is the first book in a High School Bully Romance trilogy. WARNING: it ends with a cliffhanger.

PROMISE ME releases in September 2019.
STAY WITH ME releases in October 2019. / / 

A Rock and a Hard Place

A Rock and a Hard Place

"You should be worshipped. You need to have every inch of your body sucked on like a candy cane. But I'm not the guy to do it."

Get ready for the ultimate beach read! What makes your heart race? 
  • Demanding billionaire CEO
  • A very special auction
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Sassy, sarcastic heroines
  • Crazy last will and testament
  • Sexy single dad with a soldier's instincts
  • Not-so-secret baby
  • A first time for everything 
  • Steamy scenes and dirty deeds
  • LOL lines

A Rock and a Hard Place is a sizzling, over-the-top duet of contemporary romance novellas. They were briefly published in 2017 as Bought By the Billionaire Brothers and Saved by the Single Dad SEAL, but they were too hot to handle! Now they're back, just in time for the end of summer. Grab a cold drink--you're going to need it! / / 

My Professor's Secret Baby

My Professor's Secret Baby

His Secret Baby Book 3

She’s my student and I shouldn’t be with her. 
But now she’s having my baby.

Izzy is only 19, and an academic overachiever in my college science course.
But I want to teach her lessons about a different kind of chemistry altogether.
And lucky for me, my inexperienced pupil is eager to please.
I want to bend her over the lab desk and experiment on her.
She enjoys letting me work her hard for extra credit.
Both of us know the risks, but we can’t stay away from each other.
And now that I’ve put a baby in her, it looks like we’ll always be together.
Because I might be a science geek, but I’m also a tough guy who protects what’s mine.

But will I lose my job once our little secret is discovered?

My Professor’s Secret Baby is a full-length standalone romance novel. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers! / /