Friday, 13 August 2021

Doctor's Orders


Doctor's Orders

Doctor's Orders: Dylan Taylor 

Like every other woman here I have fallen under the damn spell of him. He places his hands either side of me blocking my escape and my heart stills. 

I press my head back against the wall when he leans in close and lingers right there. Inches away, a kiss away. So close our lips should meet. 

The force that compels them to meet is like wild electricity. It’s so wild I almost believe I could touch it and it would burn me. 

Heat flushes straight through my body when he moves to my ear and his warm breath tickles my skin.

Wild fire instantly courses through me. 

Fire fueled with electricity designed to scorch and burn from the inside out. 

The kind of fire you know you can’t put out. 

It consumes me, enticing me to do what I want to do. Touch him and taste him… 

Doctor's Orders: Nick 

He's my best friend. And now, he wants me to be my lover. 

Nick Andrews is the stuff dreams are made of. 

Insanely handsome, and so charming. It should be a crime. 

He’s the playboy the women swoon over, and the ace of hearts. 

We’ve been best friends from the dawn of time. Him the celebrity football player, and me the doctor. It worked perfectly because I knew we’d never be more than friends. Even if I wanted more... 

As the years went by I got good at keeping my feelings under control and stuck to the rules of friendship. Until one drunken night changed it all. 

Doctor's Orders: Luke

I never thought I would see him again. 

He was the guy I first fell for in every sense of the word. 

He was my first in a lot of things, and also my first bad mistake. 

He was the first person to show me that the devil wore many faces, and I shouldn’t trust too easily.

The last time I saw him was the day of our very messy break up. 

It was also the day I met his soon to be wife. 

Doctor's Orders: Brad 

No harm could come from a handshake, right? 

That’s what I thought, then I touched him and the ripple of chemistry that sang through my veins told me this man was going to get me in trouble. 

I’m guilty of always going for the bad boys, but a quick assessment of Lieutenant Bradford Tanner tells me that this guy is something else I’ve never encountered before. 

He’s something else entirely. 

He’s the type of guy a girl could get lost in. 

The type that will make you forget certain life lessons I should remember after the nightmare relationship I just got out of. 

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