Wednesday, 6 July 2016

One door shuts, another one opens

This is a sad day. Some of the more observant of you might notice the blog has changed (again). Well, this is because some bastard had corrupted it with some sort of virus that redirected a visiter to some spurious scam sight. The only way i could remove it was by deleting the blog and uploading the template again. However this destroyed the layout and as that was the way i liked it, i've decided to move over to wordpress.

This was a sad descision for me, but i can't seem to get the blog the way it was and, as that was the way i wanted it, i just can't the bear the disapointement of seeing it everyday and thinking it could be better.

The blog will remain open, if only to redirect the blogs visitors to the new address below. All pics and links and stories are going to the new site so don't worry about copy &pasting.

Goodbeye old friends but to all my readers and friends, come check out the new blog and let me know what you think.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A New Look

Morning all

Yes this is still 'The Erotic Works of Dark Inferno'. I felt like changing the look of the blog, nothing major, but the tile background just felt a bit tacky so i went for something a little more understated and professional.

Well it's bin a little over a month since 'Confessions' was published and sales have been dissapointing. It's rather disheartening really, spending 2-5hours a day promoting but only scrapping a sale once (if i'm lucky) a day. So now, i'm looking for a PA and street team. Don't know how it's going to turn out but should be interesting.

In Fanfiction news, I haven't made much progress...

Between Promoting and just other life things I've been caught up and (for some reason) just haven't been able to bring myself to write. Going to try and get other it today. But it's not all doom and gloom, the trick and treat story has made some progree on the metaphorical drawing board and the chap who reqyested it and i have been altering the sex slightly, but you'll have to wait to read it ;).

The requested has also commissioned a pic to go with their original idea. I don't normally do this but as i'm writing the spin off story and the actuall idea came from a 'A Debt Repaid Plus Interest' , i might as well show and tell :)

This pic is done by kitsune999, one of artists i'm considing for the commission for 'Truth or Dare'. What are the odds?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A not so promising start.

I would just like to thank the five people who wrote in with their comments and suggestions for the Trick or Treat/ Truth or Dare story. I'm not sure wich title works better so i'll just put them both down and decide later. Well i'm going to quickly try and answer your questions:

  • I actually have no idea how many times a woman can cum in one session.I once read a HP Fanfiction where Harry had to make Hermione climax 10 times in one day. She thought it was in possible but he proved her wrong (guess it had to happen one time lol).  JoanofArc (the young lady (that's only my asumption based on the email name) responsible for requesting this story) had originally asked for 100 times but i thought that was a bit much (both in the realms of beleiveability and my writing skills) so 10 in an hour my alteration. 
  • Yes, Videl will be using a vibrator. But i have no idea how she is going to do it exactly. I'm thinking she masterbates first, then futa 18 (yes that was one of the main parts Joan wants, she was inspired by a Debt Repaied) joining in while Chichi fucks Gohan. Feeling like a third wheel, Bulma joins Videl and 18 untill Gohan and Chichi complete the Sixsome. 

Again thank you for all your suggestions and please keep them coming.

Now onto new bussiness.

I've started a new original shortstory. It's somewhat more contempay than my usual stuff but it'll be a nice change.

In other (more current) fanfcition news, I did have a few calls to forget the Futa VidelxPan (with some bulma thrown in) Commission in faviour of the above story, but lets be fair. The chap who commissioned this story is just as keen as you and he has been waiting longer lol. And of course it's paid work. However i'm not so sure how  to start it, curtousy of a lot of ideas and my usual insucurity. For your viewing pleasure and my search for feedback here is the opening, (i'm expecting at least five comments because i know you're out there now... lol just joking (or am i?)).


How have I come to this?
Lightning streaked across the blackened sky, scorching the overcast heavens with a brilliance that turned darkness into blue-white light and threw the canopy of dense black clouds into sharp relief. Not so much as flinching under before it’s fury, Videl numbly watched bolt stab the sky, the glare turning her ivory skin ghostly white against the lustrous curtain of raven hair spread out beneath her.
It had been Gohan’s idea to have a skylight in their bed room. He’d liked the idea of them being able to cuddle up together and look out at the stars and she’d been so surprised by his uncharacteristically romantic idea she’d agreed immediately.
Gohan. Just the thought of her husband was enough for guilt to claw the cold knot of ice in her stomach even tighter and she had the sensation of tears welling behind her eyes. Only she had no more tears to shed. She had already wept all those away.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Trick or Treat Story update...

Honestly, Im shocked. Five comments! That is the most responces i've had since i started this blog. Thanks eveyone.

I'm afraid the Futa Videl/Pan/Bulma story is still my first priority as it is a commission. Sorry.

Well as there has been so much intrest in the Trick or Treat story, here is what i've discussed the requester.

Ok, then the way i envision the story is Gohan and videl comeing home after dinner out, getting in the mod with a glass of wine, only to have the three older woman comeing round. They chat for while but when 18 comes back from a bathroom break, she reveals that she's had a look around and found the sex game, that videl confesses to having bought the for valantines day just gone but they never got round to playing it. 18 and Bulma both insist they play, Gohan tries to talk them out of it but his slightly drunk mother tells him to lighten up and go with it.
They set the board game up and, the rules are that they sit in a circle and go round, taking a card that they must either do or direct to another player or players. If they refuse there is a forfit that they must do. As it's Videl's birthday, she goes first. She pulls a card that she directs to bulma, that is what is the best sex she has ever had. For Chichi's turn she directs at gohan, he has to strip for the group. Next, bulma  tells 18 to undress chichi but without using her hands, she refuses so she has to do the forfit, which is masterbarte, that she does but doing so reveals her futa side. The group stare wide eye'd so she reveals it was done by dr gero. 18 then gets revenge by Videl striping Gohan in a lap dance, which she counters after  by having Chichi and Bulma make out and strip eachother. Then it's Chichi's turn and she does it herself, give Gohan a blow job. Bulma pulls the next card and tells videl she has to have 10 orgasims, Videl tries to refuse and the forfit is that if she doesn't complete the 10 in a timelimit she'll be the sex slave of the other players.
They all agree to move it to the bedroom so she'll be more comfortable,uses her vibrator to masterbate but the sight gets the others so horny the others start playing with gohan. Videl begs for attention but instead chichi begins to eat her. When Gohan  joins in, mother and son share Videl  while Bulma and 18 playwith eachother before joining in.  Finaly Chichi and Bulma break off, leaving Gohan and 18 to DP videl. She cums for the 10 time just after the alarm sounds so she loses the contest.
 To be honest,I haven't given the ending much thought. After her 10 orgasim, Videl will be on the brink of passing out when she hears 18 say 'Awww such a pitty. Looks like you lose, slave.' I suppose then it would fade out to the next morning when Videl wakes up to find herself naked but alone in bed with a collar around her neck and she goes into the main living area to find Gohan fucking his mother and Bulma,when 18 comes up behind her and  whispers 'Good moning my pet.' 
As i said before, i'm open to any suggestions for the dares. Also, given there has been so much interest in this story (ok five comments might be much by any stretch of the imagination but it's the most this blog has ever had so lets not quible) I am giving somethought to commissioning a pic to go with it....

Saturday, 9 April 2016


From the author of Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter comes this sinfully erotic taboo/Ménage that will leave you feeling thoroughly shagged out and longing for a much needed cigarette.

What is the measure of love? How far would you go to save the one you want but know you can never truly have?

Mina Carring is a woman that has given up on love. A rising star in the bright lights of Hollywood, men come and go from her life, passing like ships in the night, yet there is only one for her, the one she’d let slip away. However, when Mark, her stepbrother, is filmed in a compromising position that could lead to a scandal which would ruin his life, Mina must step in. Now, powerless to escape as she heads down this path of lust and desire, torn between the dark delights of a handsome rogue and the one person who has always been there for her, she must confront the truth she has long tried to bury...

A full length, 40,000+ word novel, Confessions is the stand-alone erotic drama from the Author of the sinfully delicious, Sweet Temptations Trilogy. It contains adult themes, harsh language, and graphic content.

Warning! This book does not require batteries. However, it is strongly recommended you keep a set, as well as 'personal appliances' close to hand while reading.