Friday, 13 August 2021

Monday For Daddy

Monday For Daddy


Day one of my new job and starting off right on Monday morning, clocking in at five a.m.

Having to work only once a week isn’t too bad of a trade-off for a couple hundred bucks a month, I suppose. So, here I am, starting the day off bright and early.

What a life. 

But when a handsome stranger comes marching into my world, acting as if he owns the place and calling me a thief, I’m at a loss. The man treats me like some criminal for doing exactly what I was told to do—aka, deliver the mail here on Mondays...

The brute of a man stares me down with those piercing eyes, looking as if he sees more than the average girl I’ve always thought myself to be.

Strange enough, the start of my week no longer brings a cloud of gloom now that I have Monday…for Daddy. 

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