Friday, 10 September 2021

Faking it with the Billionaire


Faking it with the Billionaire

There's a reason lying is a sin. To be clear, Trevor Maxwell is NOT my fiance.
He is a lip-biting hot, party-hard billionaire, and we shared one scorching-hot night.
But then I told one little, tiny lie... and everything spiraled out of control.

I swore falling into bed with Trevor was a one-time thing. A moment of weakness never to be had again.
Then I bumped into my evil ex-roomie, and it popped out of my mouth.
I am engaged to a billionaire. I'm marrying Trevor Maxwell.

I took a perfectly under-control situation, soaked it in gasoline, and lit it on fire.
Trevor stunned me by agreeing to play along.
He played the role perfectly. A little too well based on the tingle attack I get whenever he’s around.

Now I’m lying to everyone I love while developing real feelings for my fake fiance.
I know that this madness has to end.
Our lie can’t go on forever, but my feelings for an eternal bachelor might. 

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