Friday, 3 September 2021

Target by Him


Target by Him

❤️ He is my love, my savior, and my stranger…

After a clean breakup with Anthony, my abusive ex-husband, I was supposed to start a new life. But when I crash into a multi-billion dollar car of a blue-eyed Italian, I know I’m going into serious debt.

My life takes another nosedive when I spot him later at my firm’s annual picnic.

Despite being my new boss, he offers to clear the car repair bill if I go on a date with him. Tall, masculine, and with a sharp jawline, this mysterious hunk spells danger, but I say yes anyway. After all, how much harm can come from one date?

Yet just as we start to click, I’m starting to suspect he is leading a double life. Worse still, Anthony is planning for revenge against me, something I can’t dodge.

My world is upside down again.

Could this Italian stranger be my destiny, or will my trust in him be my undoing?

Warning: This is a standalone Mafia Romance. It contains dark themes, including violence and organized crimes. As always with a Leah book, you get spicy heat and a guaranteed happily ever after! Enjoy! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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