Thursday, 12 August 2021

Fast and Dirty


Fast and Dirty

Can a love affair between a reporter, a detective, and a bad boy be anything but fast and dirty?

Emma MacBride is used to not being liked. She's an infamous reporter on the scent of a story that could rock her city to its core. Local bad boy Jesse Camara has been arrested for a truck hijacking, but she knows he's been framed for a crime he didn't commit. Unfortunately, one man is standing in her way: Detective Will Brandt. Emma and Will have history. Despite her best efforts, the handsome detective can still get her all hot and bothered with only a look. She's determined to prove Jesse's innocence, and certainly not because of Jesse's endearing-but-cocky smile or his drool-worthy muscles. Although, those don't exactly hurt. She'll let nothing stand in the way of uncovering far-reaching corruption and freeing an innocent man, not even her desire. But staying in control might be harder than she realizes.

Detective Will Brandt has problems. First, he has a beautiful and obnoxious reporter hounding him about a suspect, claiming the man is innocent. Oh, and he still wants her, even though he was the one to walk away from her. Second, the suspect in question is a cocky, sarcastic tough guy who happens to be sexy as hell. Both of them get under his skin in more ways than one. He can't help but be drawn into Emma's search for the truth. Together, they find evidence that Jesse is as innocent as he claims. Now, Will must keep both of them safe, even as he finds it harder to keep his desire for them in check. And harder to remember why he struggles to fight what he wants so badly...

Jesse Camara has made some mistakes in his past, but he's worked hard to turn his life around. That's why it's a particularly low blow when he's arrested on false charges. But at least he gets to check out the sexy, straight-arrow detective while he's behind bars. And the hot and feisty reporter who actually believes he's innocent. Jesse has always loved women as much as men, and he's a guy with big appetites. He takes it as a challenge to show Emma and Will exactly how well the three of them fit together and exactly how scorching-hot a menage can be. But the people who framed Jesse aren't done with him yet, and the faster he falls for Emma and Will, the more danger they are in... 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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