Thursday, 12 August 2021

Hot Fake


Hot Fake

3 Rules of a fake marriage:
No touching.
No kissing. 
Don’t get knocked up.

When I bumped into my chiseled hot-bod best friend after fifteen years, I knew I was doomed. 

He probably thought I was a hot mess.
30s, unmarried, and still stuck in this boring small town.

But then came his offer:
Pretend to be his wife for two months.
He gets his massive inheritance.
I get a chance to make my ex jealous.

He told me that true love doesn't exist.
But I believe in happily-ever-after.

The moment he says “I do” and claims me with those piercing ocean blue eyes,
I know playing it cool with him is not gonna be easy.

Now with a little “surprise” popping out in nine months, this fake marriage is about to get pretty damn real… 

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