Saturday, 4 September 2021

Bad Daddy


Bad Daddy

Colt - I went to federal prison when I was only 19, and spent 16 years behind bars. Now at age 38, I finally have my life on the right track, all because I took charge of my situation. I now demand control in every aspect - including in the bedroom. I’ve kept people at a distance and only allowed myself to indulge in casual hook ups where there is no place for emotions. Attachment is what got me into trouble in the first place. 

But everything changes when I meet Westin. I know I should leave him alone. He deserves better than me. His soul is spun from sugar and mine is blackened from my sins. But I can’t help myself - everything about the sweet man calls to me; his innocently sexy look, his natural submission, and the way he begs for guidance without having to say a word. The sweet pup needs a Daddy and against my better judgement, I insist that I’m the only man for the job. 

Westin - I never thought that having my car crap out on me would actually be a stroke of luck, but it led me to a sizzling hot mechanic named Colt. It’s not just his sculpted body and gorgeous tattoos that I’m drawn to, though; his cool confidence puts me at ease. When he helps me with my car, it leaves me wanting his guidance in every part of my life. Every tiny gesture makes me feel cared for. I desperately want someone to care for me and help me navigate this crazy life.

I just hope I’m good enough. I’m a 20 year old computer geek with no experience with men. I’ve had a bumpy road which left me no time to date or to learn how to be a good partner. I want Colt to teach me everything. I want to be good for him.

Join Colt and Westin in their journey of healing, acceptance, scorching hot domination, and filthy fantasies beyond their wildest dreams. But when their dream life becomes a nightmare and the police come for Colt again, it will be up to Westin to take control and prove his Daddy’s innocence. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1 / Book 2

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