Saturday, 4 September 2021



I’m trying to remember. He’s trying to forget.
And the cartel that took everything from me is trying to kill us.

Lance is the only person I trust in this world.
I remember nothing from my old life.
Not my husband, not our life, not the incident that took him and my memory from me.
All I have left from that life is my little daughter.
When Lance found me in the desert, alone, with a baby in my arms, he saved us.
He promised me he would help me find my husband’s murderers.
Our suspects, members of a notorious biker gang, are dangerous.
The Rangers, who had called my husband one of their own, refuse to help us.
But the deeper we investigate, the more I fall for Lance.
And the more I fall for Lance, the more I fear for his life.

All it takes is one tragedy to change you.
I was running away from my tragedy and on my way to becoming a Navy Seal when I found Isabella, alone and wounded, with a newborn daughter in her arms.
I knew I had to stay by her side.
I am all she has, and she is a ray of sun in the grief that drowns me.
I am willing to risk anything for her. I am willing to do anything it takes to help her get her revenge.
But I can’t allow her to put herself in danger. She and her little girl have become too precious to me.
I can’t lose them and I will do anything to protect them. 

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