Friday, 3 September 2021





He took me. That son of a goat fucker took me. Now I’m his. To do with as he pleases, and it’s not all tickle fights and cuddles. All I can do is try and keep my sanity. Pray that Nix cares for me enough to come for me. Enough to fight for me. Kill for me.

Because he may not know it yet, but I love him. With my luck I’ll never get to tell him. I’m sure as hell am going to try.

First, he has to find me. Trapped in my gilded cage.


Being away from her, knowing he has her is like having my flesh chewed off by angry beavers. I don’t sleep and I inhale cocaine like oxygen.

If I can’t find her soon, I may do that which I’m immensely talented at. Killing. One person in particular, in slow and gratifying ways. 

Nothing and no one will stop me from getting to her. Not locked doors, not Braxton Shaw, and certainly not my fear. Because she is everything and I will not lose her now. 

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