Monday, 6 September 2021



Forced to marry a traitor's daughter, I'll shed blood to make sure it doesn't happen. 


As a child I was put on a silver platter and my parents were presented with marriage opportunities. Many other mafiosos were trying to secure their daughter's hand in marriage to me, a cousin of the Irish Boss. Eventually, they accepted one. The only problem is, I've never intended on being with one woman. It's never been something I've been interested in. 

Sure, I’ve seen the way those close to me have found happiness, but it isn’t for me.

I'm dead set on not being tied down, even if the woman of my dreams comes out from the shadows when I least expect it. She may be beautiful in every way, but she’s not meant to be mine.

I only question my reasoning the moment darkness comes forth and we find ourselves forced together. 

Can I allow this woman to ensnare my heart and soul, or do I fight against it and push her away? 

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