Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sweet Temptation: The Babysitter

Here is a brief sample of my first short story for publication

Sweet Temptation: The Babysitter

Richard Martin had always hated his firm’s Christmas parties. The d├ęcor reminded him of a cheap Hammer Horror set. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a funeral. And, worst of all, they were organised in August and hosted in early November.
Each year the bosses would present a laundry list of reasons for the premature celebration, but everyone knew those were merely a smoke screen, devised to mask the fact that it cost considerably less to hold a Christmas Party before December. Frankly, Richard wondered why they bothered even holding a party, or for that matter, making attendance mandatory.
Subtly pushing up his left sleeve’s cuff, Richard checked his watch for what felt like the hundredth time. To his utter disgust, the digital display indicated that it was just 22:03. The party would go on for at least another hour, maybe even two, god forbid!


Welcome to the blog of Dark Inferno and his works.

This is my first blog and for all of you unfamiliar with me I am an erotic writer, formally a specialist in fan fiction, now making an attempt at Kindle publication with amazon. Here I will be publishing up dates of my works as well as samples and (should they be published) links.

Below you will find links to the few sites I frequent with my works for your viewing pleasure.

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