Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Their Untold Faults

Their Untold Faults

"Darker & More Intense Than Fifty Shades!"

A devoted wife…
A loving husband …
A desperate mother…
How well do you know them?

Elijah and Kelly Smith have been happily married for fourteen years despite being childless. Their romance is what every married couple dreams of – a marriage of understanding, trust, and love. They have stood the test of time…or some might think.

While the Smiths have been blessed with a wonderful life, it’s almost impossible for Allyson Henry. With her 6-month-old baby, all she wants to do is to turn her life around for her son. And for that, she will do everything and anything.

Their opposite path shouldn’t have crossed, but as opposites attract, these three people will soon realize a secret that binds them together and a past that can make them stronger or destroy them.

Their Untold Faults is the fifth book of Cath Tramell’s Her Broken Masters, a dark Romance series about three broken souls bound by nightmares and secrets. Will it bring them all to happiness or doom it?

In this fifth instalment, Kelly plans to ruin Allyson and Elijah for each other – a desperate move to make the latter stay away from the young mother. Will turning their worlds against each other really work? Or will it only convince Elijah to save the mother of his child? But can he leave the only woman he loved for so long? Or somebody from their past will shake their worlds with their untold faults? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 


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