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I lost the love of my life ten years ago, and now I'm being thrust into a marriage I never wanted.

I agreed to help find a prominent Irish woman, but in doing so I didn't realize the magnitude of what I was agreeing to do. I was to marry a complete stranger. This woman is a mafia princess, who happens to be my boss's wife's sister.

Alison was sent off to an abbey for her own safety by her father, though I don't believe her father was concerned about her safety. He only cared about one thing—the price of her head, or her virginity.

The old man only cares about having her marry a man of importance. Luckily for my boss, I seem to be a man of prominence.
I did this as a favor to my best friend, to make sure the sisters could be reunited and not separated even further. Though, when it comes to guiding her, I’m unsure if she’ll submit to the type of man I am, or if she’ll flee like a feral horse. I’m as dark as they come in the bedroom, and her little virgin soul might not be able to handle all of me. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

Book 1

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