Wednesday, 18 August 2021

A Dollop of Delight


A Dollop of Delight

She’s tired of coming in second. He needs to be first. Will a baking competition chill the air or bring heat to the kitchen? 

Pastry chef Chloe Mason is always chosen last, so when she has to fill a space for a no-show contestant on the popular reality cooking show The Big Bake-off, she vows to settle for nothing less than first place. With her and Luxe Resorts’ reputations on the line, she puts all distractions aside—that is until fellow competitor Gage Sweet kicks things up a notch in the kitchen. Before she knows it, the attraction between them moves from a slow bake to a full broil!

Baker Gage Sweet is about to lose everything—his home, his business, his self-respect. Winning The Big Bake-off is his last-ditch effort to save it all. Victory should be as easy as pie, but Chloe Mason could ruin everything with her sweet-as-spun-sugar smile. She’s one teaspoon of trouble, a tablespoon of frustration, and a whole lot of competition.

Will rivalry ruin the passion stirring inside them, or will they each bring the perfect ingredient to make a winning recipe for love?

Find out in A Dollop of Delight …

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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