Monday, 30 August 2021

Dragon Brother’s Surrogate


Dragon Brother’s Surrogate

The look on his face was priceless. Obviously, I was the first to turn him down.

Don’t get me wrong. Lyle was sex on a stick.
The color of his eyes was mesmerizing.
But I wasn’t taking any of his… handouts.


I was a curvy single mom alone in the world. Sure, I could use the help.
But Lyle was a reclusive billionaire dragon shifter with a complicated life.  
He wanted a child of his own with no strings attached.
Oh, and he needed a surrogate.
He had noticed how dedicated I was to my son.
So who did he pick to carry his baby? Me!
Okay, maybe, I should reconsider his offer to help.
My dream of owning my own business could come true.
He promised our arrangement would be professional.
But that sounded too good to be true…
Lyle was demanding and overprotective.
As for me, I was all about being an independent single mom.
But when put to the test… Lyle protected us from evil.
Undeniably, there was an electrifying supernatural attraction between us.

Now that I understand what it means to fall in love with your fated mate,
Is it possible to be more than just a surrogate for his baby? 

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