Thursday, 26 August 2021

Not So Filthy

Not So Filthy

His reputation as a hot grumpy boss did nothing to affect his love life. He was a ruthless womanizer with a string of one-night stands behind him. And that was how he intended to stay until the tempting, stunning brunette with curves to die for crashed into his life.

Why of all my one-night stands is she the one I can't seem to forget? 
Juliet, the beautiful brunette who whisked into my life and back out of it just as quickly, is still on my mind even months later, so for her to y walk into my office wanting a job... it must be a blessing in disguise.
Even if she is being a little cold and seems to be hiding a secret from me. 
I trust myself enough to know that I can charm her and win her back around with ease.

She was a virgin, and intended to stay that way until the charming Adonis from the bar claimed her with a kiss and stole her heart… if only for a night.
But that one night of fun changed everything. It led to revelations, secrets, and mysteries. Some of which may be best not to be unraveled.

All I need is a night out. Just one night to blow off some steam and really have some fun at my best friend's bar. 
What I don't expect is to end up having a little bit too much fun... so much fun that I'm not even thinking about the consequences of my actions.
But there are always consequences, and some consequences last a lifetime. Some turn life on its head and change everything.

Juliet just wanted to have a little fun at the bar but she ended up getting pregnant. She wanted to have a baby, but will she be able to reveal this to Leo? What will happen if Leo gets to know that Juliet is keeping a secret from him? 

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