Tuesday, 31 August 2021

His Curvy Trouble


His Curvy Trouble

She is courting danger, but she cannot settle for only one thing, even if that means losing everything.

Following her unbridled passionate exploits with her supervisor and the return of her ex, Sasha finds herself in a deep hole that she has dug for herself, one filled with too allure that she cannot control herself.

On one hand is the uncertain relationship with Derek, one which allows her to be her dirtiest, most imaginative, hormone-driven self. On the other is the respectable relationship she has with her fiancé, Hussel.

She seeks a balance between the beauty and the beast, while common sense required she does the opposite: choose one.

In between work, Derek realizes that what happens in Florida cannot stay in Florida. Hormones rage, and he finds his feelings constantly getting in the way.

He thinks he has the partnership all wrapped up till Hussel shows up. His boss insists there’s more to being a partner than just tying up a deal, reneging on his promise.

Derek is caught between walking away and staying because of Sasha. But he must make a choice, and make it fast.


US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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