Wednesday, 25 August 2021

A Very Rural Affair


A Very Rural Affair

Solemn, reserved yet seriously attractive, Patrick Anderson is the stuff of fantasies. Fen knows it from the very first day she moves into her new home and realises that the sexiest man she’s ever seen is now her next-door neighbour.

They barely have a chance to introduce themselves, however, before the coldest and most dangerous spell of weather in recorded history hits the South of England. Inundated by snow and ice and eventually cut off from the rest of civilisation, the villagers must work together in order to survive. In such extreme conditions, some relationships will flourish, while others will inevitably crash and burn.

For Patrick and Fen's fledgling friendship, constantly filled with smouldering looks and silent longing, the unique situation provides an opportunity for them to grow increasingly close. Theirs proves to be an enduring relationship which only strengthens as we follow their story through all three books.

This is a love story you won’t want to miss!

This trilogy of full-length books is set in Hawkesbury Hollow; an isolated English village which is far from sleepy! The books have been adapted from the romances ‘Difficult to Reach’ and 'Difficult to Leave' by Sarah Fennel, to which a generous helping of spice (of the erotic romance variety) has been added.

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