Tuesday 24 August 2021

Jealous Wife


Jealous Wife

My husband works late into the night with his pretty young intern…

It’s an important project and sometimes they go out after work.
She’d better keep her hands off him! She’s half his age!
He’s mine!
My hero! My protector!
I trust him completely, but I sniff him for any hint of her perfume when he comes home.
Just in case.
I check for lipstick marks on his collar.
For stray hairs on his necktie.
My mind does somersaults imagining my husband and Zoey together.
God, it drives me crazy just thinking about it.
I wouldn’t blame him if he was tempted to at least kiss her.
She’s so fresh and sassy and energetic...
He works so hard, he deserves to enjoy all the delights that only she can provide.
I’d let him if he really wanted to.
Just once.
Maybe he’ll let me watch...


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