Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Her Penthouse Gods


Her Penthouse Gods

Three gorgeous, hulking men ask me to move in with them on the top floor of their skyscraper… as their employee.

And even though it seems too good to be true, I say yes because I really need the money. 

But as secrets and all sorts of tension lace our time together, I wonder what is it that they need from me?

Their longing gazes and sweet gifts are one thing, but I swear something about them seems… otherworldly. And it’s not just our earth-shattering encounters that make me feel that way.

We create our version of heaven up in their penthouse in the sky. Despite my suspicions that there are things I don’t quite understand about them.

And when dark forces threaten our paradise, they can’t hide who they are anymore.

But is it too late to save everything we’ve built from being ripped apart? Or can the bond between us overcome it all?


Her Penthouse Gods is meant to fulfill a certain craving. This sizzling standalone novel is a reverse harem romance that sweeps the reader away to a world a lot like our own, but with a little (steamy) magic sprinkled on top. And, as always, HEA guaranteed.


US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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