Sunday 15 August 2021

Bring it all down


Bring it all down


Being the most feared crime lord in the underworld has had it's toll, to reach the position I am in today I had to overcome multiple obstacles, my past haunts me, but I can't show weakness or my enemies will jump at any opportunity to bring me down. Trust no one, is my motto, but it's a lonely existence, that is until I see Guinevere. I fear what might happen if I let her get too close, my world is dangerous, I have my past as proof of that.


He is like no one I have ever known, in his world he is a demigod, more powerful than anyone around him, but to me he is a man of flesh and blood, and I can see all the pain he tries to hide. He thinks that he can demand and I will bend, that he can force and I will surrender, but he is wrong. 

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