Monday 16 August 2021

Little Devil


Little Devil

My life’s been laid out for me since before I was born.
Graduate high school, marry the mayor’s son, get my degree and take over my mother’s company.
I don’t want it – I don’t want any of it – but I’d never say that out loud.
Girls like me aren’t supposed to speak our minds. We’re supposed to smile and look pretty and do as we’re told without argument.
I keep my mouth shut for an easy life.
boring life.
But then I met him.
Xander Reid doesn’t follow rules.
He’s a cocky bad boy with a devil may care attitude and a tongue bar I can’t stop staring at.
He treats life like a game and dares me to play with him.
And even though I know he's bad for me, I’m not sure how much longer I can resist.

Lakewood is supposed to be a punishment.
A way to fix me and my unusual take on life.
Seven months before the end of my senior year, my parents ship me off to live in a strange town with a family I barely know and a private school full of entitled rich kids.
They seem to forget change doesn’t bother me.
I get bored easily, can’t sit still for five minutes and nothing holds my attention.
But then I met her.
Jordyn James isn’t as innocent as she makes out to be.
She’s a bad girl trapped in a life fit for a princess, desperate for freedom from the chains that hold her back.
Making her mine just might be the worst thing I’ve ever done, and yet I regret nothing. 

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