Monday, 23 August 2021

The G.I. Dream


The G.I. Dream


There’s no denying that Owen is the one. 

He’s strong, he’s confident, he’s sweet, he’s dangerously handsome… 

I could go on for days.

I’ve known it since we were kids, but the time we’ve spent together in college only solidified what I had known all along. Problem is, he dreams of a life in the military and while I love that he knows what he wants, life has taught me that military life only leads to heartbreak and loss. And since these are two concepts that I struggle with, especially when it comes to Owen, I let him go and try to move on. 

Easy enough, right? 

Not when I start receiving letters from him while he’s at basic trying to convince me we should be together. But when your heart is at a crossroad—one lane leading your heart to safety and the other leading it to the one you love— what’s a girl to do? 

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