Thursday, 26 August 2021

Obsessed with the Boss


Obsessed with the Boss

I'd known about Simon Reeves for years.
Fantasized about him a lot.
That chiseled jaw line and those dreamy blue eyes.
Not to mention, he's a helicopter pilot for a billionaire!

Landing a job with the firm was my chance to finally get
closer to Simon and achieve something I always wanted.

Everything was purely professional until that day
we went for a ride in his copter...

Let's just say, I found out why they call it the "cockpit."

I would do anything to protect Miriam Webster from this danger.
She came into my life like a cyclone and now she's
here to stay.

My greedy step-mother and her cohorts are out to
destroy both of us. We'll have to work hand-in-hand to
get through this.

All the plans, the scheming and the money,
have all fallen away now.
They're nothing in the face of that feeling...
that bond we now have. 

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