Sunday 29 August 2021

War Within


War Within

Running an entire empire is no easy task for anyone, not even Don Giovanni Rovati. While he is focused on the storm brewing with another family, a much more sinister war is happening within his own. Jealousy, power, and the promise of money are enough to make anyone crazy.

One woman will stop at nothing to ruin him. While he is starting to fall for her, she has other plans. One slip up causes her to be targeted by those around Giovanni, and he is now fighting to protect the woman who is plotting his demise. Not everyone is who they claim to be in the dark world of this life.

Sometimes you have to kill your own blood to save yourself in the end, and sometimes you have to go through tribulations before you can have your happy ending.

Follow the Rovati Family on their journey to save their family from the war within.

This book contains extremely mature and dark themes. Some content may be disturbing for certain readers. 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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