Sunday, 24 October 2021

Anthony Bingham


Anthony Bingham

A sexy BBW, marriage romance by Monica J Charles of BWWM Club.

Plus size beauty Ivy Sterling is thriving as the manager of a large electronics store.

And she is determined to help the newest hire succeed in his job just as much as she has!

But Anthony Bingham is watching…

The anonymous CEO of Bingham Retail Stores is undercover as an employee to see how his stores are run…

And when he meets the smart and gorgeous manager, Anthony knows he’s got to make her his!

Ivy is taken to the new employee’s flirtations…

And with his good looks, how could she not?

But how will she react when she finds out who Anthony really is?

Will she take that first step to changing her life forever?

Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Monica J Charles of BWWM Club.

Suitable for over 18s only due to smoking hot sex scenes! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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