Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Marriage & Malice

Marriage & Malice

A beautifully dark mafia romance written by Trisha Wolfe, that gives us a hero who is unapologetically cruel in the most sexy way, and a heroine who has her own inner strength. Marriage & Malice is not only poetic, but brings so much heat! An incredible 5 star addition to the Underworld Kings series! -USA Today bestselling author, Jenika Snow

From USA Today best-selling author Trisha Wolfe comes a fierce and seductively thrilling Dark Mafia Romance stand-alone as part of the Underworld Kings series.

Rapture, desire, need - the yearning for our passions is the reason we breathe. I've devoted my life to my pursuit of ballet, it's my escape from the dark underworld I was born into. As a Carpella and the daughter of a made man, I've accepted certain traditions. Yet, having just been promoted to principal within a prestigious dance company, I'm so close to escaping that world...

Until a devil with blood on his hands and an Irish curse inked into his skin tears into my world, now passion holds a whole new sinister meaning. With ruination in his steel-blue eyes and me in his crosshairs, Lucian Cross traps me in his gilded cage and uses me to deliver his retribution.

Forced to sign a marriage contract, my father traded my life to save his own. Now I'm bound to Lucian, owned by a monster who swore an oath of pain and suffering to my family.

Lucian's passion is revenge.

And because my family destroyed what he loved, he vowed to destroy what I love. Every night he forces me to dance until my breaking point. He wants to condition me to loathe the very thing that once gave me hope.

I can't let him break me, but the closer we get to the wedding date, the more entangled I become in his dangerous, tempting world, and I being to lose myself in him.

His vow is my pain.

My vow is not to fall for the enemy.

But how can I dance with the devil himself and not be singed by his fire?

From the first page I was hooked. The detailed scenes, character growth, and intriguing tale of dark and light, will hold you hostage until the lines between good and evil blur. Don't miss Violet and Lucien's story, MARRIAGE AND MALICE. ~ New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig


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