Monday, 25 October 2021

Unexpected Trouble


Unexpected Trouble

One Mistake.
Too many times.
Now there is a secret to show for it.

It was a new start, a break from the city.
I needed to get away, and I found the perfect place,
With sexy mountain men to fulfill my notion of romance.
Everything was perfect, even my landlord who was rude but so damn good-looking.
He wasn’t interested, but I persisted.
His touches made me think it was meant to be.
His words fooled me as well.
It didn’t last long, but I had no regrets.
His ex-girlfriend was a nightmare who didn’t get the memo.
She was out for blood, and it was no longer worth it.
My dream of small-town living was dashed.
My reputation was destroyed, and I left in embarrassment.
I didn’t leave empty-handed though.

Our secret baby came as a surprise, and not a good one either.
How was I supposed to tell him I was pregnant after leaving him in such a way?
Would he even listen? Would he care? 

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