Thursday, 21 October 2021

Stuck on You


Stuck on You

I'll never get her out of my head...
Especially since that night I walked in on my best friend's little sister, her hand between her thighs, her mouth open in pleasure until her face morphed into horror and embarrassment.

I've never been one for commitment, but I know that with Cara, I won't want anything else.

When she needs a job, it's a no brainer that I would offer to let her work for me. Her family has been my second family for years.

Except with her under my nose day in and day out, she's all I can think about.

Not wanting to risk our working relationship by asking her out directly, I offer to set her up on a blind date. The catch? I'm setting her up with me, her boss and her brother's best friend.

Our attraction is incendiary, our chemistry explosive, and everything seems perfect.
Until... the secrecy becomes too much, both from her family and at work. And everything blows up in my face.

Stuck on You is a brother's best friend/boss/blind date romance featuring a workaholic ladies man and the artistic free spirit who makes him rethink everything. All the feels and a HEA guaranteed!

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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