Tuesday, 12 October 2021

So Cocky


So Cocky

I want to hate him but I think I love him.

He's so damn cocky, it makes me mad.
But it also makes me want him.
Too bad he's my boss and off-limits.
But he tells me he can have what he wants.
And what he wants is me.
Soon his hands are all over me.
And his hard chest is press up against mine.
At first he says no one at work can find out.
Then that he wants to scream out his love for me.
From the mountaintops.
Or at least from his head chair at the conference table.
The same one he lays me down on after hours.
I can't believe I'm living this hot fantasy come true.
But things get real once he puts a baby in me.

Now I've let my cocky boss knock me up!
Is this real love or just a game I might lose big at?

So Cocky is a collection of eight bad boy romance novels featuring forbidden love. They include My Fireman's Secret Baby, My Secret Santa's Secret Baby, Commissioning His Virgin, Under the Want Ads, Bedside Manner, Playing Her Doctor, Build A Baby, & My Bass Player's Secret Baby.


US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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