Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Faking It With The Billionaire


Faking It With The Billionaire

Shane Kent is a bad boy billionaire. He had probably slept his way through half of the women in downtown Manhattan and was working on the rest. He drank too much, partied too hard, and went through women like potato chips.

Potato chips. I laughed at the thought, and he bent his head in closer.

“What’s so funny, Valley. I want to laugh too.” His whisper sent chills down my spine. Hearing my name on his lips heated me up. That must be how he seduced all those women.

But I wasn’t one of those women. I wasn’t a sucker, and I’d been around the block enough to know about the games he played. “You’re like a potato chip.”

I felt the surprise go through his body. “A potato chip?”❡

“Mmmh,” I said, switching my metaphor on the fly just so that I could get a dig in on him. “Salty and greasy and all empty calories.”

He threw his head back and laughed, like he was actually delighted with the insult, then shifted so that he was practically curled around me. The camera clicked the entire time. He brushed my long hair back from my ear and whispered. “But addictive.”

The shiver went through my whole body this time. I laughed. “You are unbelievable.”

“That’s what all the girls say.”

Then the a-hole hooked his hand under my hair behind my neck and drew me in for a kiss, for a second, it was as if a sun had risen inside of my chest. The touch of his lips on mine made dawn come.

And then, pain exploded in his eye.

“Do you really think you can just maul me because I came out here to this get away with our mutual friends? I should have known you were like this, crazy self-indulgent jerk.”

“I did not maul you. You, however, assaulted me.”

I had learned how to take care of myself on the streets, I slapped my butt. and said just to be clear this will never be yours.”

HE was why I was miserable His very presence was like something scratching at my skin, under my collar. I resettled my dress as if there were actually something there, which there wasn’t.

I would ignore him. Ignore his rock-hard chest, ignore how his arms felt around my waist, and ingot that spoiled AF pretty boy all weekend long. That was the only way to deal.

Meet Shane &Valley, two polar opposites that have one unexpected mutual enemy, making them team up together in more ways than one. This enemies to lovers romance will keep you turning the pages all night long with one heck of a happily ever after. Can also be read as a standalone, with one epic HEA!


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