Sunday, 10 October 2021

Midlife Daddy and Virgin Secret


Midlife Daddy and Virgin Secret

I wasn’t ready to grow up yet....Until I saw Jude Romano.
A very grown-up man who could make any woman drool.

I’m a fresh college graduate,
Who just spent the summer traveling the country with friends.
I didn’t find love along the way,
But I did find a promising new career.

The only problem is … my father.
He’s decided to invest in launching my new career.
Just not the career I’ve chosen for myself.

He’s also decided to renovate our old summer home,
And insists that I live there with him while settling into my shiny new adult life.

No one tells my father “no.” Not even me.
That’s when Jude Romano comes along to prove me wrong in so many ways.
He has no problem resisting my father’s commands,
But I seem to have a big problem resisting Jude.

It doesn’t help that Jude is fifteen years older than me.
My dad’s head would explode over anyone I tried to date.
He’d never tolerate me seeing someone who’s closer in age to him … 
… than to his own daughter.

Jude turns out to be a first for a lot of things for me,
And not just in the way he’s not afraid of my dad.
He’s the first man who’s ever made my heart race,
To make my stomach turn flips, and my legs shake. 

I’ve never had a problem saving my virginity …
Until he walks into my life.

Will I ever learn to resist him? Or will we just have to see how long we can keep our steamy affair a secret from everyone we know? 

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