Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Yours Forever


Yours Forever

Hunter Cade is my brother’s best friend.
He’s also the most sinfully sexy guy in high school.
Lean, muscular, and with a tussle of chocolate-brown hair I want to run my fingers through.
And for the rest of the senior year, he’s living in my house.

But I'm totally off-limits to Hunter.
My brother has made that very clear to both of us.
Yet that doesn’t stop Hunter from flirting with me every chance he gets.
Suggestive jokes and private little smiles when nobody’s looking.
But after our flirting finally results in the best kiss of my life?
Hunter abruptly leaves town without a word.

Now it’s five years later, and Hunter is back in town.
And our time apart has only made him more irresistible.
But rather than letting him stay at a hotel,
Stupid me invites him to crash at my place.
Just like old times. 

Can I ignore the torrid romantic tension between us,
Or will I never discover Hunter’s true reason for coming home?

YOURS FOREVER is a standalone, brother’s best friend, second chance romance. It’s full of humor, suspense, and sizzling love. And of course, a guaranteed HEA! 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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