Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Bewitching the Beast


Bewitching the Beast

Can the hot jock and the quirky girl next door ever be more than friends with benefits?


As a pro hockey player, I work hard, earn big, but have no stability. It’s why I don’t date. I don’t need complications. 

When Zoe crashes her car, she needs help. She’s quirky, independent, hot as sin, and wants to be friends. For the first time in my life, I want more, but when I realize she’s my neighbor...well, that’s one hell of a complication! 


Jaxon Parker is huge, he’s hot, and he’s out of my league. His nickname is the Beast and with his fame and talent, he could easily be an a$$hole. Except he isn’t. 

He’s helpful, kind, fun, and wants to be more than just friends, but I can’t get involved with a man who can leave anytime. 

When he asks me to be his date for a work function, a Halloween Ball, I can’t refuse the favor. One week in a lakeside resort with my friend will be fun, and nothing has to change. After all, he’s booked two separate rooms, how hard can it be? 


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