Wednesday 13 October 2021

Delta's Three


Delta's Three

I’m just your average farm girl in the big city, trying to juggle an irresistible ghost, a mysterious shifter, and my sweet fiancé back home. Okay, maybe not so average... 

I was satisfied with my life. But I was never truly happy.

Don’t get me wrong—if I had continued to live my life working on the farm and in the salon, I wouldn’t have had any complaints. 

But I never would have chased after my dreams. At one time, I never thought I would even get a chance to go after my true passion of becoming an actress in New York City.

That was when Bethany called me with an amazing opportunity I just couldn’t turn down.

But my hot summer adventure in Brooklyn was one that I couldn’t imagine even in my wildest dreams.

Now I’m caught between worlds, trying to make sense of new desires, new possibilities, and who (or what) I really want. 

What have I gotten myself into? 

US / UK / Canada / Australia 

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