Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Billionaire and Nanny Secret


Billionaire and Nanny Secret

My new boss, Ezra Ledger, isn’t looking for a relationship.
And that’s fine. Because neither am I.
But he just so happens to have plenty of other things I’m looking for.

If nothing else, he has plenty I like looking at.
Even if I am a Nanny to his kids, and he is my boss.
I can handle it. Just look, don’t touch.

But that mouth-watering body, kissable lips, and smoldering eyes.
Boyfriend material he is not, but eye candy? Star of my sexual fantasies?
Check and check. He’s more than qualified for all of the above.

There’s no denying the electricity that runs between us.
But being with him means I could lose my job.
Is that a risk I’m willing to take?

Just one night. That’s what he whispered to me in the night.
And then we could both move on. Pretend like it never happened.
One night of wild, hot, mind-blowing sex…
And then we put it all to rest.

I should have known that was too good to be true.
Ezra is like a drug that I can’t quite kick.
It’s hard to care about my job… when he’s the forbidden fruit in front of me.

One night? As if. I’m way too in over my head to keep that promise.
Things don’t always go as planned...

So now what happens when I’m left with a secret that could change everything?


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